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May 15, 2015



I couldn't sleep last night and spent a lot of time checking out #QuiltMarket on Instagram. Looks like fun. I'm planning on spending my weekend in y happy place, with my EPP bow ties. I can't wait to see what you sew in this weekend.

Barbara Anne

Ah, Quilt Market! When living in TX where I got to go to the autumn Houston Quilt Show (bliss!), I had two friends who each owned a quilt shop so they went to Market the week before the show.

As you mentioned, Quilt Market is a nice riot of colors, fabrics, products, friendships, and freebies, but shop owners used to also have to pre-order fabrics from seeing just a small sample and that was stressful. I haven't thought to ask them if the fabric samples they order from are larger now. I know market is still certainly eye candy to the max and sensory overload! Will check out YouTube.


Mary Kastner

It is interesting to watch. It always raises my curiosity levels for sure. the Frivols look interesting to me. have a productive weekend at the sewing machine Nicole.


mary flynn

I want to be there too...alas, I'm home. Did you see the new FRIVOLS? What do you think? A must? I'm debating, would I have time? But so cute!

Stephani in N. TX

I have the last two wide borders to stitch on a new quilt, "Perpetual Motion" from Kim Brackett. Lots of great fabric to dig into after that, perpetual stitching.

Patty Fowl

I have been to the Quilt Festival in Houston twice (and it felt like I was a mouse in a cheese factory!) but have never been to Market. I thought you had to be a shop owner or designer and that it wasn't open to the public. Is that not correct?

pam Hansen

It is probably just as enjoyable watching from your computer while enjoying coffee or another beverage. No airflight, motel, dining or cab fares. Think of all the money you can now spend on new patterns and fabric. I definitely believe I should purchase another new fat quarter bundle. My deposit is already in place for a new release from Fat Quarter Shop.

Tracey Holzer

Do you know how close I am to Quilt Market and I can't go because we farm?? Its painful!! Happy sewing.

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