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May 13, 2015


Susan R.

I have both the large and small circles. They are fabulous. Haven't tried the ovals. I just give them a quick spray with Best Press and that keeps them in shape til I applique,


Awesome explanation ... I've always wondered how to make those circles.

Barbara Anne

Thank you for this helpful tutorial and the suggestion of such a good product!

Isn't it fun to stitch on the porch? When the pollen has gone and the chairs are washed clean once again, I'll be outside with any small portable project. Due to lupus, I have to stay out of the sunshine, but that's what porch roofs are for.



Another great tip thanks for sharing:-)

Miss Jean

Perfect!!!!! Now I just have to go find them and I'm in business. Thanks.

Liz S.

Great directions Nicole. I've made a few of those to go over some Mariners Compass blocks and a few other things. I've noticed that I get a big headache though when I use the spray starch and a hot iron. So when I read a comment from Erin Russek (on her blog) about not using the spray starch because it has "propellant", and it might give you a headache like her! Hmm food for thought

dawn at firstlightdesigns

Hi Nicole. Your previous post makes me wonder: couldn't you use the method Thelma Cupcake described of topstitching 1/4" from the curved edge and pressing? I wouldn't try that on a circle but it might work well on a quarter circle. I'm away from my sewing machine for several days or I'd give it a try myself.


lovely tutorial! Thanks!


Nice circles! I was told once that if you don't start with a perfect circle... you certainly won't end up with one! And there you are!

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