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May 12, 2015



I do the same as Thelma any time I need to turn an edge. It's really great when you turn a bag or pouch thru a spot in the lining. It keeps the opening from stretching as well as giving you an easy edge to turn


You're right Nicole...that little tip is worth the price of admission!! Love it!!! It's one of those things that causes you to say to yourself, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Kudos to Thelma for those of us who didn't think of it :o)

Carol O'Dell

I spotted this pattern in pictures of Quilt Market and fell in love with it. Becuase I'm not sure I want to start another project at this time - but I'll probably cave - I am following your progress with baited breath! Thanks again for sharing this with us!!

Barbara Anne

Stellar suggestion!!! Susan's related idea of top stitching those pillow or bag openings is also brilliant.

Thanks to all!



And that, my friend, is why Thelma Cupcake is a quilting rock star! Definitely worth the price of admission…and then some! I'm enjoying your progress & tips on this pattern!

Karen L.

With all the starching, do you have to wash the quilt when it's done? Thanks for all the great information!

Karen L.


Thanks for sharing this simple and absolute fantastic trick! Will keep it in mind and definitly use it:-)



Miss Jean

I'm glad you'll show us how to do the circles. I have a dresden plate quilt waiting for it's circles but have been too chicken!!! Thelma's a genius, for sure.

Nancy Watkins

Wow, love that tip, something I never would have thought of! It's coming along! Thanks Nicole for taking the time to help us out!


I find myself wondering on so many patterns like Crop Circles or similar ones why the quarter circles are not just pieced in instead of being appliqued. It seems to me that piecing would be easier than applique. For me, at least. I realize that's not how the patterns are written, and I wonder why.

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