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May 29, 2015



Love the box that your kit came in! Yum! I saw something similar at one of the vendor booths at Paducah last month and was almost,tempted to,buy the kit just because I loved the box it was packaged in. ;-)

Barbara Anne

What a delightful surprise to find such a lovely box that will be a joy to reuse. Nice way to package the contents, too, and what a bonus for the 9 1/2" strips to be cut already.

I can see why you're tempted to begin this quilt next! It's okay. There are no quilt police, so have fun!

Personally, I still don't want to buy any quilt kit as I want each of my quilts to be unique on the planet. Maybe that's just me. :)


Paulette Doyle

LOVE this quilt!! I just stumble on the FREE pattern over at Fat Quarter Shop this week!! I may be joining you...or at least it will be fun to watch!!

Tracey Holzer

I love the Mill Brook fabric. Have a great weekend.


What beautiful presentation! The quilt looks stunning also.

Mary Kastner

I love that quilt AND the box! Just beautiful. So now that you have bought the refills for the pen I will let you in on a little cash saving secret. I have this pen and the Fons and Porter one as well but Elmers Washable School Glue stic -disappearing purple are way cheaper and work just as well or better. just saying..... Have a great weekend and I hope you get to SEW.


Sue Babich

Drooling over here ! Love that fabric in the kit !!!!!
It is going to be a GORGEOUS QUILT !!!!


Nicely kitted! It's all about presentation! Who could resist...


Love your purchases! Can't wait to see what you make ... I have the Farmer's Wife book (the old one) and the quilt is still on my list! Perhaps another sew-along?

Sandy M

I love how Moda is making their kits. The Austen Bluebird kit was in a gorgeous (ginormous) box too. I soooo did not want to get rid of the box but I was traveling and needed to cut everything into more travel friendly pieces.
My sister ordered that kit and was really happy with it. Will need to touch base and see how her progress is going.

Carol C

I've been so tempted to buy the quilt kit and it's been in and out of my cart several times. I think I may actually quit waffling soon especially since it is on sale at the moment.

Kyle Redente

I was on vacation last week and that kit came home with me too. Moda has a very good marketing strategy and works it's magic on me way too often, but I'm not complaining. Just wish they'd include a few extra hours each day in the box as well.

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