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May 04, 2015


Barbara Anne

Standing ovation for both Steampunk and you!! I'd have to say I'd keep it for myself and my home, tho. Just sayin'.

I agree a border or two will enhance the quilt as well as make it larger, but it's already wonderful.

All of AMIL's last projects are finished and Janice has her double bed blue/cream/yellow Single Irish Chain and LOVES it. AMIL's niece and two niece-in-laws will receive their wall quilts today, courtesy of the USPS. Whew!



Beautiful quilt Nicole! I think your idea of the white containment border along with the black with white polka dots will finish it off beautifully. I'm surprised you're letting this one go.


Nicole, love it, nice work. But then all your quilts are fab!

Vic in NH

Congratulations on such a fine finish and accurate piecing! It really does look like propellers moving, nice work.


Love the finished quilt top. It is fresh and modern. It is so nice to do something different and really enjoy. Glad you enjoyed. Can't wait to see what is next. Sew on! G

Marsha S.

That is so darn cute! Good job! Did you need to use a template? And, if you did use a template is there an acrylic one that works or did you have to make your own? Way to go - High fives - etc. etc!!! Love that quilt!


Adorable quilt! I look forward to hearing more about Jenn Kingwell.

I also look forward to what fun you are up to!


I like it! Looking forward to seeing with the borders.

Mary Kastner

Very pretty quilt. Someone is going to be very lucky to receive it.



I can't believe you're already (almost) finished! Congrats! I would switch the borders, first a small black (with white dots) and then the white, perhaps with some black print on it ... just an idea:-)

Penny J

That is one beautiful quilt! Now how do you plan to quilt it? Can't wait to see it completely finished!


Love it! I think your idea for borders will complete it fabulously.


it's beautiful have done so well with the quilt.......we have the best designers in


This is well on its way to being a gorgeous quilt! You never cease to amaze with your eye for color & great piecing skills! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I, for one, love it.


What a great quilt and think that pattern is just fun with its it!

Nancy Watkins

This turned out GREAT! I keep telling myself I need to brighten up things with some of this fabric! I'm always in the Civil War mode.


I just love this quilt too and think it may be one of my favorites as well :). I can't believe how fast you plowed through all those blocks!

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Lovely finish! How happy you must be that it came out square AND the expected size!

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