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May 07, 2015


Barbara Anne

Applause for the winning wine and winemaker!! Winning that kind of award has got to be special.

Love the cheer of Dimestore and that wiggle stitch I learned from your stellar tutorial! Well done!

Do you ever amaze yourself with your productivity and speedy progress on the many, many quilts you start? You amaze me.



Congratulations to your son-in-law! Not only does he have amazing wine-making skills, he snagged himself a quilting mother-in-law! Oh, to be so lucky...


I'm glad I'm not the only one with year old WIPs (or is it Ufos?) and doesn't it feel great when you're getting them done? Hope to have this feeling soon, too, but that would mean I would actually finish an old project rather than starting a new one, mhhhh ...


As I was reading your post today, I thought how amazing you are and then I got to comments and saw that Barbara Anne, in the very first post, stated exactly what I was thinking. I am in awe of what you accomplish on a daily basis. I wish I had half your energy and organizational/time management skills. You pack more into a day than anyone I know and with beautiful results to show for it! I wish you'd share your secret on how you manage to do all you do! (:-)

Nancy Watkins

Congratulations and he will love it! You always amaze me too!

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