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June 17, 2015


Barbara Anne

OH! Thanks be to God and the human guardian angels who stopped to help Sara and Remy! How scary before, during, and after.

Sara can expect to feel beaten up for a few days or longer because all of her muscles probaby tensed to the max.

Hope it's a matter of simply popping the dents out of the car (as it used to work) but then this car may be made of different stuff.

Hugs and happy dancing that all is well. Whew!


Wow! So awfully glad to hear that both Sara and Remy are fine.

Helen storer

Glad all safe and sound

Stephani in N. TX

All's well that ends well, but oh boy I'll bet your BP matched Sara's when you heard. So scary. Hope Sara and the car recover well.

Patty Fowl

Oh!!! How frightening for all of you! Thank goodness for her Guardian Angel and the Good Samaritans that stopped to assist. Hope the effects will not linger for Sara or Remy. Sending healing thoughts...😇

Lisa D.

How terrifying! I hope Sara is okay today. I hope you're okay today! I'm sure you must have been scared senseless!! Hugs to you both (and Remy)!


Praise God that Sara & Remy are unhurt.

carol fun

Thank goodness everyone escaped relatively unscathed. I too believe that there are angels among us who look out for us when we need it most. Hugs.


Really glad that Sara and Remy are fine just a bit shaky. And isn't it great that no matter hwat you will always find more people who will help then just turn away? Humankind can't be so bad after all.

choc chip sally

Thank the Lord that Sara and Remy are ok. Cars can be replaced. I echo your thanks to the good Samaritans who stopped and help Sara out of the car and to make sure she was ok.

Linda W.

That visual says it all. SOOO scary and these things happen in the blink of an eye. Grim reminder to hug those we love and live each day to the fullest. So glad to hear Sara and Remy are OK. whew.

Mary Kastner

OMG I am so sorry for Saraand all of you. Thank God it turned out as well as it did. My thoughts are with all of you today.


Sandy M

A true blessing. That must have been soo scary. I hope she is recovering well from the shock.


My thoughts are with you and your family, So glad that nothing worse happened. Keeping you in my prayers.


Wow, that phone call would really unnerve you. Glad to read that Sara and Remy are OK. Thinking of all of you!


holy heart dropped when i saw that picture. thank goodness for air bags, steel, and good samaritans.

when sara comes out of the shock of it all she will be upset at the totalled car. keep reminding her that cars can be replaced. people can't.


So glad Sara wasn't badly injured - at least physically! Tell (make) Sara take it easy for several days and be kind to herself. It takes time for some injuries to appear after something like that happens. Muscles may have been tensed/injured beyond belief and need time to recover.

What kind of wonderful car was it that kept her so safe? I hope it's repairable but if not, like so many have said, cars can be replaced - not humans.

Laura Valdez

Glad she walked away unharmed. Cars are just material and can be replaced.


definitely an angel looking after her...........


Oh my goodness! How did that ever happen? I am so glad that everyone came out of that car alright.
Such a scare. Just this morning I was held up on the highway due to an accident... just 1/4 mi up the hwy from where I had my accident last year. I am sure my blood pressure took a jolt just from remembering. I hope they all continue to do well. I am sure there will be a bit of PTS.

Jennifer in Indy

So glad Sara and are my are okay - this is the second post I've read today where someone was so lucky it seems there had to be some sort of miracle or divine intervention.

Roseanna Jakubowski

Holy Cow! The car pic was scary. So grateful to hear that Sara and Remy are okay and that the color can return to your hair. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for all. It was so heartwarming reading the part of the story where Remy stays close keeping an eye on Sara.


That is so scary. I hope she is feeling ok tomorrow. Thank goodness for safe new cars. Hope you are all able to rest tonight. I have gotten a few of those calls and it is really tough. My heart goes out to you all.


So happy to hear that your daughter and her dog are okay. Miracles do happen!

Karla Brown

How scary-- thank God for angels! I'm so happy Sara & Remy are OK. My heart goes out to you all!

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