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June 15, 2015


Linda W.

Maybe you should make a 2nd--no fights! I love an Irish Chain quilt in any variation. I am dying to get my hands on Melissa Corry's new Irish Chain book--have you seen it? There is a blog hop going on right now showcasing her ideas.

Barbara Anne

Whirlwind and stellar finish of this glorious top - all but borders! I'm with Linda W. in her suggestion you make a 2nd quilt on the sly since it would take you a mere twinkling of the eye to complete it. :)

I love Irish Chains and diagonal patterns, too, so may have to check on the new book by Melissa Corry. Just when I thought I had all the quilting books I'd ever need, too!



I'm sure you have another Miss Rosie pattern in your quilt you could use for a second quilt ... or even a third then you can keep that one;-)


That will be a prized possession for the lucky recipient! Might a second one be on your to-do-soon list?



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