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June 16, 2015



Well, since I'm currently making bow tie blocks (4") and since I love CW fabrics, my loyalties would be to your bow tie project. But I do love your updated Granny Square project, too. ;-)

Barbara Anne

Oh, what a delightful dilemma! For you, of course, it's not an either/or situation. If you do Bow Ties this week, in less than 2 weeks, you can do the simplified Granny Squares ... or vise versa. You're fast, doncha know?!!

The Granny Square fabrics do say SUMMER to me since they're popsicle flavor colors!

Have fun!


Tanya Quilts in CO

Just make the bowties from your stash! Sometimes I have to change things up and work on something new otherwise everything languishes.

Laura Valdez

Do a few bowties, then a few Granny Squares and ta da, you've got two quilts done! And you don't get bored with one or the other! And they do look like popsicle colors! Enjoy!

Tracey Holzer

I'm voting for the granny blocks.


I love the bow tie quilt. And agree w/you that the price is tooooo pricey. I have seen the quilt in person. The size of the the bowtie blocks are 2" finished. (The lite background squares are cut 2 @ 1 1/2 and the bow tie fabric is cut 2 @ 1 1/2 and 2 @ 1 inch.) There are 36 bowties to one block alternating dark and medium bowties. One row with bowties going from left to right and the next right to left. Also note the placement of the dark bowties as they create a path for visual effect when the quilt is put together. I started making this size bowties many moons ago using scrappy lites instead of same background, so this is what I am using and a way to use up my stash. Hope this helps - I must warn you these itty blocks are addictive.



I fell in love with the PG bowtie quilt but also thought it was very expensive. I've got a lot of charm squares and scraps and I'll be joining you in making my own!!


Very sweet blocks. I love the classic bowtie.:)


I love your bow ties and you're right $330 is really expensive. But since I would have to pay for the shipping extra (and that counts for all BOMs) I never do them. Even a monthly BOM would add up to about $300 just for shipping ... mmh, no, I rather spend my money for fabric;-) So it's either free patterns or PDFs for me (and I think for most not-Americans). Love our tiny bows think it's also a great leaders/ends project!


wow! tiny is beautiful! split your time? one week on one project. the next week work on the other? just a thought.

me? i am on day 3 of doing a massive reorg and cleaning of my sewing room. if you never hear from me body can be found under a pile of plastic bins and/or fabric. ;p

Pauline Cook

When I saw your bowties my first thought was that you were making the Schnibbles Bennington quilt.

Mary Kastner

Love the bow ties . They are super cute and get my vote!



I like both of your projects and Civil War is my favorite fabric! I am making the 6 1/2" churn dash blocks and beginning 6" civil war stars too. Love Primitive Gatherings projects but too pricy for me!!


Thanks for the link to small Bow Ties! Appreciate your willingness to share whatever you find! I saved the Bow if I need another project....

Sue Babich

I vote on you making the granny blocks :-D They scream Summer !

Karla Brown

I love the bow tie quilt. I have a 30's reproduction charm pack and planned on using it for a bow tie mini! I'm sure whatever you decide on will be beautiful!!


I love both of the projects you have up on your design wall right now! I would have a hard time deciding which project to work on since I love quilts made with bow tie blocks AND I absolutely love, love, love the bright citrusy colored fabrics that are out right now. Call me crazy but if those projects were mine, I would probably have two separate stacks of block parts by the sewing machine so I could feed blocks for each quilt thru at the same time and then I wouldn't have to feel guilty about the one that got left behind :o)

Lori Fedorek

Love your bow tie quilt.I made the bow tie quilt with Temecula Quilt Shop last year. They were all 2" finished with the background all one color. I used ecru Moda and my Cival War fabrics. Loved making the quilt.


very different colours on the wall the mood takes you work on the one that suits......

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