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June 01, 2015



What a surprise for you and guess finding is a good thing....always can use a spare quilt and never know where you might need it. I don't think the colors are that bad and love repo's so would work anywhere!

Barbara Anne

How delightful to find something that makes your work rearranging shelf contents even more worthwhile than just the resulting neatness!

Ashcombe is a very interesting pattern, too, and I wonder ... does the pattern shows it with a border or not? This just looks like a snug wintery quilt to me. Perhaps it could use a flannel backing and really be cozy?

Have fun!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Y'know, GF, just because one of your quilts isn't to your particular taste, that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful! It will be a most welcome gift for some occasion you don't know about yet.

I applaud you for finishing it, even though it wasn't working for you. That's a hard thing to do!


If I may, I'm going to differ with you on this one. The second I popped into your page and saw the quilt I thought, "WOW, another awesome quilt"! And then I read that you don't like it. That surprised me because I love everything about it. I don't find it to be murky at all. Isn't it funny how we all see things differently when we look at quilts? My hat is off to you for finishing a quilt you don't like but I'm still giving you a big thumbs up for another beautiful quilt!

carol fun

Ah one man's trash is another man's treasure...this quilt has views on both sides, doesn't it? I'll admit it isn't my color choice but it still is a lovely quilt. And isn't it great to find one that was "lost"? Now if I could only find that stack of Lemoyne Star blocks I know I made. They got "lost" in my last move. Perhaps a few hours in my storage room might unearth them. happy stitching!

Jan Goerke

You know how they say time flies? I've been reading you since before that retreat...I remember being so envious of your time with Carrie and your friends. It sure doesn't seem that long ago.

Laura Valdez

You just never know when that quilt top will have a new home and be loved!


Ok, these sre not my colors either but it's still a beautiful quilt. And if you still don't like it when it's finished you could give it away as gift or for charity. And as bonus you now have an empty bin;-)


I really like the way the white frames the darker colors. Those aren't 'my colors,' either, but it's going to make a very pretty quilt that someone will love! You'll be glad you spent the time finishing it!


Another UFO about to be completed! And the bonus is now you've got an empty bin to fill! Someone will love it.

Lisa Durst

The fabrics are great, Nicole. I'm sure you will love it when it's finished and quilted. And if not, one for the gift closet!

Lynne in Hawaii

I think it looks nice. It would be a good quilt for a man. Good to have a ready spare for gifting.

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