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August 17, 2015



I'm glad to hear that you are starting to feel a little more like yourself ... just take your time to come to terms with your new reality, and remember that what the heart has loved, the heart cannot forget. I'm swooning at that Bow Tie quilt ... and the Baptist Fan quilting on it is perfect!


It's funny you showed the sunflower quilt because when my dad passed away in 2002, I was in the processing of piecing this quilt. I lost interest in a lot of things because of the grieving process and one day I just made myself go into the sewing room and work. It was all I could do to work on the sunflower quilt, but I did finish it. I can't look at that quilt without remembering Dad and how much I miss him. I hope you are doing well.

Barbara Anne

Big hugs to you as time helps your heart heal bit by bit.

The two quilts are wonderful and the quilting designs Mary did are just as wonderful! Aren't you delighted? The sunflower design is perfectly suited to sunflower quilt as is the Baptist Fan quilt well suited to the Bow-Tie quilt.

I once read an excellent article titled "Quilting for Solace" and it's true that fabric helps by absorbing tears, listening, and making the quilter smile.

More hugs, my friend.


Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Mary did some lovely quilting on both your quilts. How timely that they should show up at your door when you needed them!

Mary Kastner

very nice to hear from you this Monday morning Nicole. The quilts are beautiful. I love the Baptist Fans on the bow ties. Fabulous. it sounds to me like you are plunging back into new normalcy in your days. best wishes to you. BTW-can it get any hotter around here! I feel like I am living In a desert.



Welcome back, Nicole, for whatever amount of blogging you feel up to. I still checked your blog daily…just in case. You were missed & it's nice to see you for today. Continue taking care of yourself to begin to heal from your loss. We'll all be here waiting for your return!

Nancy Watkins

Hang in there Nicole! Love your red quilt too!


I have been thinking about you and hoping your pain will ease. I know you will always feel this loss but hope that your good memories will help as you grieve. Loved the quilts.


So happy to see you back with us...I missed your daily achievements. I love the Baptist fans on the bow ties! Hope the days ahead get better for you.


Glad you're feeling better and that you find something that helps you deal with your loss a bit better.
Love your quilts and the quilting on both is stunning!


A big internet hug and welcome back to blogging! Getting back to your routine can often be a comfort and I hope things continue to improve for you.


lovely finishes....happy to see your blog again. life can be brutal but we sew and create to soften the hardships that life brings us. welcome back. i've missed you.


I am so glad to hear that you are feeling more like your old self. I have missed your blogs but understand the need for your time away. Welcome back, I've missed you too.


So happy to hear you are progressing in your healing.

Mary's frosting is simply the best!!! I have admired her talent for many years as I have your piecing skills. You two make a wonderful team.

Speaking of teams, I always love following along with you, Thelma and Sinta on your quilt / sew alongs. You all seem to have so much fun.


Nicole, I waited to comment as there were so many messages of condolences that it can be overwhelming along with the telephone calls and people visiting in the early days but have thought and prayed for you and the family. It is now five months since Phil passed away and am now just starting to feel like I am still living but still teary. Everything takes time and as I have been told the first of everything (birthday, Christmas etc) for twelve months is the hardest. Be extra kind to yourself.

Your quilts and the quilting are beautiful. Receiving these back at this time is perfect. I could feel your joy and comfort from them.

Keep that lovely journal going as it will comfort too.


Mary did fantastic quilting on your quilts... as always! I have just been pushed over the top with the Bow Tie quilt! I have been wanting to make that one since Temecula Quilt Co. started their sew along. Your Bow Tie will be the perfect cuddle up quilt! My hope is that you can imagine all the prayers and thoughts people are sending you in the threads of the binding as you sew it on.


I recently read a quote about grief and the size of the waves at the beginning and how unpredictable they are, swamping and drowning one, with the slow decrease in the bad storms but different for every person. It was a great description.

Your quilts look wonderfully frosted.

I agree about papercrafting being expensive. Also I don't find it as practical as quilting so I will stick to my favorite hobby!


So glad to see you post and your quilts are beautiful! What a great job quilting she did! I scrap booked before quilting so can attest to another expensive hobby, but surprisingly not as much I think as quilting. Hugs :)

Carol Beasley

So happy to see you are feeling better. When we lost our son it took awhile to get back in the swing of things. I think my friends and quilting saved my sanity, time does heal. Your quilts are beautiful. Love to see your work. Hugs, Carol

Debbie R.

Two beautiful quilts! It's good to see that you're surfacing again. Hope that you have more and more sunny moments and days as time passes. And that sunflower quilt -- truly a ray of sunshine.

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