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August 19, 2015



There's nothing like the excitement of a beautiful new project to perk you up! I know it does work for me. Love this new fabric collection by Lecien. Would an aqua blue work in place of the green leaves?

Barbara Anne

What a delightful quilt and I love the cute, asymmetrical border. Your chosen fabrics are wonderful! I, too, wonder if there is some shade other than gray for the stems and leaves, perhaps a quiet green.

I've always meant to make a Carolina Lily quilt and this pattern is a step beyond that. What fun!



I know yours will be great! What about brown instead of gray? It will then look more autumn-ish (don't know if that's a word, sorry)and leaves can be brown:-)


gorgeous fabric choices!

Sue Babich

I was just looking at this pattern yesterday :-D
I am in love with the new Farmhouse fabric that is out now and was looking for a pattern to make a quilt with it.
I would like to make a smaller quilt though.
This is going to be fun to watch all of you girls sew along :-D

Sandy M

Just picked up my pattern over the weekend. You are not joking about the complexity of this one. Definitely challenging.
I'm thinking something soft, more three Sisterish. Still thinking if I'll join but I'll be following the progress for sure.

Nancy Watkins

Love your color choices Nicole and I know you will come up with the perfect color for the stems!

Ruth K

I might decide to join as well. Although this one maybe over my head, but sometimes pressure helps. I find that pure white was too much for me so now my "new white" is: Bella porcelain.I was a little bit more greedy and bought 1/2 yards of Mimosa, so I guess I would miss too much if I start and decide no to keep going. But i'll be checking your progress.

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