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September 10, 2015



What a sweet quilt with a precious back story. Your first quilt has fared better than mine. The fabrics in mine are faded and threadbare. Of course, it has been used - a lot - over the 30+ years since I made it. But it was used - a lot - over those years, so I'm not complaining.


How fun to have found a photo of you making this quilt. The colours may look the like they're from the 80's but the pattern is timeless! I hope you have a label on it to record the history.

Barbara Anne

See? You were focused, industrious, and a good quilter even back then! I love the happy colors in this quilt and especially the many hand stitched hearts and stars in the quilting you did. The love is well tucked in and your Grandma Agnes' love is back with you in a form you can wrap yourself in. Sweet!

Look at that thick dark hair, too! :)

I had a Grandma Agnes, too. She was my mother's mother and her middle name was Constance.


Sara F

It's lovely and has a very modern look to it, so I had to smile when I read your statement about the colors being very "80s". I also started quilting in the mid-80s and good fabric really was difficult to find. We needed online quilt shops back then!


That is a great story. You were always meant to be a quilter.


What a lovely quilt with a great history! As Donna suggested, I hope you have a label on it & maybe you could find a way to keep the photo with it, too. This is a family treasure & someday Little E's grandchildren will know exactly where it originated! Thanks for sharing the story!


A great effort Nicole ~ a wonderful family heirloom! Thanks for sharing this special


Thanks for sharing this story with us it's such a sweet one:-) Love the quilt you've made for your grandmother and although it's more than 30 years ago the pattern is timeless.


It's beautiful and she loved it! that's what matters...put a label on it so when baby E. grows up she will know it's history and cherish it. ;p

Karen @ Badlandsquilts

Great quilt...the colors still looks so vibrant.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love it too.

Debbie R.

It's wonderful to look back and see who we were and all the things we did ... and to see how far, and how accomplished, we have become! Thanks for sharing.


What a great quilt and story. Love how the colors still look modern or could pass for some of the quilts being made today. Definitely something to cherish :)


Wonderful post for a TBT. The quilt still looks fabulous and "in style" today.

Wendy Ouellette

Every quilt tells a story!

Nancy Watkins

It's a treasure Nicole! Thanks for sharing!


These photos evoke warm feelings for so many of us. I hope all the quilts we make bring along warm fuzzy feelings.

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