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September 29, 2015



I also like making larger squares and cutting to size and makes it come out perfect each time.... love what you replaced it with and your Viola is looking good.

Barbara Anne

Well, isn't Tidbit just the cutest little quilt?! Love the fabrics, too.

I really enjoy small quilts but usually don't make them from really small blocks, just four 6" blocks with borders or a larger blocks with borders. Long ago I made some really small quilts and found it more work than making the blocks larger. Go figure.

Sorry Anthem didn't go together as planned. Bummer!



I also use your method of making larger blocks and cutting down to size. I found this works out best for me and I also have good results. I found some designers have great patterns and instructions and others do not. I recently did 'Spin Cycle' by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew and every block came out perfect....a first for me. Her instructions were fantastic and so easy to follow. Love what you are working on, your blocks look great.


Thanks for the Tidbit tip on cutting. I never knew this. Where have I been? I'm pinning this information immediately.

Laura Valdez

Boy, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's put a project in the round file! Love Tidbit!

Nancy Watkins

Your little tidbit is adorable and Viola is stunning! I have also chucked a project and years later still couldn't figure out what was wrong so finally tossed it!

Kathleen G

I had the same problems with the little Anthem quilt....glad I'm not the only one! This was my first Kim Diehl pattern. I shall be prepared next time! I tossed a large amount of HST's in the garbage the other day. It was a kit project, and I realized that I hated the fabric, and playing with 786 half-square triangles in colors and patterns I didn't like, wasn't worth my time. It hurt to waste the money, but it felt so good to move on to a project with fabric I love.


I love your little Tidbit! First thing that came to my mind when I read your post title was 'Ah, another Miss Rosie pattern I know I'll love this!' It's right that her patterns are always great and I'm always cut my HSTs bigger and then trim them down and I hate this 7/8" nonsens because the HSTs never end up the size I want them (but perhaps that's my fault;-)
I'm keeping thinking that Viola would be the perfect project for me if it would be just a bit smaller. I love yours and hope Carrie will make a mini version someday:-)

Sue Babich

Your Tidbit came out SO cute !

Sorry to hear about your Kim Diehl blocks :-(

I love your Viola Blocks. I am thinking of only making 12 blocks & not 16 . I started to make one block and then life got busy and it just sits on my design wall.


i have only recently started making some of my pieces a smidge bigger to trim down. it is an AWESOME technique. wish i knew about that trick years ago. ;p

Viola is looking so gorgeous...must be the combo of little hands and gorgeous fabric. must be. ;p

mary flynn

Tidbit is stinking cute! A shame to see all your pretty bits trashed. I'm like you and trim down. I will even revise a quilt pattern to come together in a way I enjoy most.


I love your little Tidbit! Can't believe how quick you are.

Sandra Clarke

I really like your Tidbit and love your fabric choice. You inspired me a few months ago with your makeup suggestions. Did damage to my Macy:s card but I do like the Channel products especially. Thanks.

Linda W.

I have put projects in the garbage for the same reason. I always trim down now and use other tried & true shortcuts/rulers for other blocks as well. Life's too short to waste gorgeous fabric!!


I really love Tidbit's setting! There are so many great rulers for trimming down slightly over-sized blocks, why not? Your Viola will come together when you get back to a regular routine…meanwhile the little helper's hands look like they've got it under control!

Lisa Vancor

Nicole, I taught quilting for lots of years and I always taught my students to always make the blocks a tad bigger, say 2" and not 1 7/8. Then trim them down. Perfect blocks every time.

Well you have the makings of cute pot holders in the waste basket.


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