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October 22, 2015


Barbara Anne

How lovely your home is and the Sunflower Sisters quilt is absolutely perfect where it is as are your other autumn touches. Your ghost family looks right at home, too, thanks to Eva's perfect placement. I wouldn't worry about mismatched placemats as they add color and fun.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! A secret admirer for Sara?! :)

We have the grandmother clock that my father built in the 1970s but it won't run because my mother over wound it when she had Alzheimers. Sigh! How you can fix the beautiful clock Grandpa Larry and your hubby built. Perhaps it needs to dry out from garage humidity? On the other hand, maybe where there is no rain there is no humidity??




Everything looks great. I enjoy the Fall decorations too but all too soon have to take down and do Christmas.


Your house is looking very festive and love your quilts. I also seem to buy only 6 placemats and always looking for more... feel better that I am not the only one! 0))))

Patti O'Donnell

I love your sunflower quilt. I love sunflowers and have many quilts with fabric of sunflowers. I would love to add this one. Would you mind sharing the name of the pattern. PattiO odonnell @

pam Hansen

The railing is a lovely place to display your quilts. Love Eva's ghost arrangement and will check out Laura on You Tube.


I just love that sunflower quilt ... it's perfect against the yellow wall. Your home is certainly looking quite festive.


Your home is beautifully decorated for the season! Won't it be fun helping Sara & Eva with their new place, too?! Eva has lots of experience in that department when it's time to make their home look festive! She's learned so much at Nana & Denny's!


Sorry, I missed yesterday's post and couldn't tell you that I wish Eva and Sara all the best in their new home and hope everything works out for you all:-)
Love your Halloween/Fall decoration it's perfect. Perhaps you need to make your own placements (after all you are a quilter, right?) then you always have enough;-)

Sue Babich

Always so fun to see how you decorate your beautiful home :-D
Wish Sara & Eva the best in their new home !


Wishing the best for Sara and Eva! Happy that Eva will be close enough for you to see her very often! My granddaughter began college this year, about 2-2 1/2 hrs away and I miss knowing she isn't home anymore (home was 75 miles away.) Your decorating is great! I have the same problem with placemats!

carol fun

Oh your house is so lovely... and I will echo everyone else in saying that Sunflower quilt is gorgeous! Best of luck to your daughter and Eva...setting up a new home is work but so satisfying. I'm sure you will enjoy it too.


That Sunflower quilt!!!

Lisa Durst

What a beautiful home you have, Nicole. I love seeing the Sunflower quilt, it's gorgeous with your walls!

Liz S.

Thank You for posting those beautiful fall home photos. What inspiration.


All beautiful pictures of your decorating!! Yes, your sunflower quilt looks perfect on the railing. I remember you choosing those fabrics. 😊

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Everything is charming.

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