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October 08, 2015


Karla Brown

Thanks for the tips -- I made 4 blocks with appliqued stems --I wasn't happy with my results --so I will give your tips a try!

Mary Kastner

i have tried many methods and go back to my package of Celtic bars every time. They do work! yOur stems look really good. Such a pretty fall project. My favorite colors!


Barbara Anne

Looks great! Wonderful tutorial, too, and you've reminded me to make use of my set of bias pressing bars. Thanks!


Loris Mills

Thanks for sharing your applique steps. I'm about to applique some leaves today and I think I'm going to use a straight stitch along the edge like Sarah Sporrer uses. I also like what Janet Clare does with stitching on applique. These are "rougher" looks but I love them :-)


If you have to enlarge the picture to see your applique isn't "perfect" shouldn't be looking! Have a great day!


Looks great! I never applique my stems just sew two (oversized) triangles to either side of the stem unit and then trim down. But your stems look so great perhaps I'll try this method next time:-)


Your stems and leaves look great!
Glue basting the stems down is a cool idea.
Another option for the stems, eliminates the tube-turning. Simply sew the stems wrong sides together and press open with the seam hidden in back. With the stem edges appliqued down, it is secure and no one is the wiser.


I keep hearing about these glue pens, I think I need to get one to try.

I love my Celtic bars but I don't think I use their measurements. I cut my strips a bit big and then trim the seams down behind the bar. Maybe it's extra work but it lets me be a little sloppy with measuring.

Nice quilt!

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