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October 14, 2015



Will be sure to look at some of these. A Fall of Marigolds sounds particularly interesting. I recently listened to Kristin Hanbah's The Nightingale and loved it. Am currently reading The Lake House by Kate Morton (won an advanced copy!) and enjoying it.

Are you on Goodreads?

Stephani in . TX

I just received the paperback edition of Ken Follett's Edge of Eternity. This is book #3 of a trilogy that started with The Fall of Giants. They are all giant 1100 page books, following five families and their descendants from pre-war II through modern day, all from differing countries including the US, Europe, and Russia. How their lives intersect over the generations is astonishing, but great reading, lots of history. I'm ready for Winter nights on the couch with a good book.Thanks much for your recommendations. I will undoubtedly read more books over the next few mos.

Barbara Anne

Thank you for the book reviews! I am an avid reader, too, and always appreciate titles and authors' names.

I've read many of the Kate Morton books and have loved every one. Will have to put my name on the library list for this new one.



I love your book reviews and have read more than a couple that you have recommended in the past.

Mary Kastner

thanks Nicole. Great reviews and. Rey helpful!


Mary Kastner

That would be very helpful!

Mary again

Tracey Holzer

I appreciate your picks, for sure! Could you pick your favorite from these for me??


Thanks for the reviews, Nicole. I am just finishing up the Glassblower triology, and just recently read Circling the Sun and other books about Karen and Denys (and Beryl). Will look into some of the others you mentioned.


Love your book tips! I'm just reading 'After You' and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. As much as I loved the first book and the theme there I just don't like the Louisa in this book (she's throwing away the chance to work and live in NY? Really?) and this whole Lily thing. It's to constructed for me (Sam's not Jake's dad, Lily is forced to be a bad person, and so on) and I think the author just wrote it to make money (like with second parts of movies).
I'm also reading (as my subway book) 'Always the bridesmaid' by Lindsey Kelk and that book is fun. Light and sweet and like one of these girl's movies you know like Notting Hill or Bridget Jones.
And I've finished 'The case book of Sherlock Holmes' and you can never go wrong with him;-)

Denise in PA

Thank you so much for taking the time to create this list! I have put most of them on my wish list to read. I'm always looking for suggestions for reading materials and my "quilt bloggy friends" always come through! o:)


Thank you for sharing these! I read less now that I've retired from teaching and quilting has taken more of my attention. I appreciate your reviews, and have written them all in my little notebook of books to look for at the library. :D

Debbie R.

Thanks for all these reviews. I have added some titles to my "reading" list. And I'd like to add my own resounding recommendation for Our Souls At Night by Kent Haruf, which is fabulous, absolutely luminous, and for Paper Towns by John Green. Yes, he's an author of young adult books, and a fine one, and all of his books are worth reading. Thanks, Nicole!


kent haruf, just finished Looking for Alaska. Made me laugh more than once and contemplate life. wonderful author!


i am so sorry, ugh! Not Kent Haruf, though awesome author. john green wrote Looking for Alaska. that's what i get for not proofreeding....yes I know.....HA!


Thanks so much for all the good book recommendations. I'm always looking for something new to read.

Joan S

I love your book reviews, Nicole! Can't wait to go to the library and find some of these titles.

 Beverly Van Oostrum

Nicole, I enjoyed your book reviews and ordered "The Apple Orchard" right away. Been having an enjoyable day reading it. Thank you!
I am going through treatment for breast cancer. I was diagnosed the week your sister passed away. I have thought of you and your family often and pray for you. Always enjoy your posts even if I don't comment very often.
Beverly from Wa state


Thank you again for your book reviews. I love to read also and have read many good books from your recommendations. I just finished Our Souls at Night...I loved it! Have you read The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry? I'm reading Defending Jacob now which is very good!

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