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October 07, 2015


Karla Brown

I love your Tumbling Leaves! I also like making small seasonal projects -- I have so little time for personal projects. I did make my first maple leaf quilt in September -- I love it!


I love your little projects ... and your tutorial. I have to admit that while I love flying geese, I've never been able to really master them. Inspired by you, I've now ordered the Fit to Be Geese ruler ... woo hoo! Flying Geese here I come!

Mary Kastner

mOnique's ruler is the best! i always use it and make them big! Your projects are adorable. Love Tidbits!


Barbara Anne

Did I say you're the fastest piecer on the planet? One of these wee quilt tops in a day?? Yep, you're speedy!

AMIL was the first quilter I knew of to cut her 2 7/8" squares at 3" and it was a revelation to me. Ever since then, I've cut mine larger and trimmed them a tad. So easy!

Good tutorial!



I have to chime in about Monique Dillard's rulers. I always make my flying geese using Fit To Be Geese & her Fit To Be Square is equally helpful with HST"s. Cutting the pieces a 'smidge' bigger makes all the difference! And, as you & other bloggers say, I am not paid to say nice things about those rulers. Have a great day!


Adding that ruler to my list! Thanks for the tip. I'm also giving up on cutting pieces with 3/8 and 7/8 measurements. I'd rather trim.

Your little quilts are fantastic. You're inspiring me to make some.


I love the Fit to Be Geese rulers. My flying geese were horrible no matter what method I used until I started using this ruler. Now I love flying geese.


I love your little quilts! I don't use Monique's ruler to make flying geese but either the corner square method or one I discovered a while back and which Jana explained on her blog here:
Both techniques work just fine for me:-)


lol @ nothing sadder than a wonky flying goose...


Your Tidbit looks fabulous!
If I only need single flying geese units I use my Companion Angle and Easy Angle Rulers, cut my pieces slightly oversized and trim them to the correct size - no waste, no extra geese flying around and they come out perfect!

Quilt Hollow

I never got myself one of those handy rulers and sure would love one in my stocking. LOL!

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