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October 06, 2015



Even fairly experienced quilters would be thrown for a loop (even if for a brief period of time) with those instructions. I'm looking forward to the changes you made ... while I may not make that quilt, I'm sure that some of your changes could be useful when making other quilts. I do love your little quilt!

Barbara Anne

Cute quilt! I love seasonal quilts, too, especially small ones.

I've had this book for perhaps a year and love it but have never made anything from it so hadn't noticed the bare-bones instructions.

When I make Flying Geese, I never, ever cut triangles. I use squares for the corner triangles if I want scrappy geese. If matching geese are okay, I use a method I learned from a book by Mary Sue Suit that gives you 4 identical Flying Geese from two cut squares. BTW, that book title is "All the Blocks Are Flying Geese".

I'm back to working on Brian's quilt.


pam Hansen

Nicole I doubt if heavy editing would have occurred to me. I would have just been horribly frustrated. Maybe I would have figured it out but more than likely the project would have been shelved. Thanks for the insight.


Very cute quilt! It provides instant gratification, that's for sure! But, as you said, it could be instant frustration for the inexperienced quilter. That's a shame because I'll bet there are some nice looking quilts in that book!

Tracey Holzer

I don't think that "bare bones" instructions is acceptable for a quilt book. Companies are risking their reputations when they skimp like this, don't you think? I'll always choose quality over quantity!
The quilt is a nice addition to your fall decorating, tho!!

Mary Kastner

very cute quilt. i like Lori Smith stuff. gOod luck with the instructions. it sounds like you need to be very careful!



That is a cute quilt! I'm a fan of fast flying geese and the measurements you listed are exactly what you need for the method, which makes four identical flying geese from 5 squares. But you're right, a newbie wouldn't know that!


It's such a cute quilt and it's a shame that the publisher edit the pattern so much that a lot of quilters (and I'm sure not only newbies) would have a big problem. But the biggest problem is in my opinion that the quilter would blame the pattern designer and not the company. I see that there's a Miss Rosie pattern on the cover. Is that also badly edited? Since I'm sure you have the pattern you could compare these two easily.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love Tumbling Leaves. And yes, even experienced quilter's can get confused with incolete instructions.

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

Lovely quilt for a day off. Yay for fall!

Quilt Hollow

Well, I quickly went to the book shelf and pulled out the book...marking the correction. Thank you for that! While I'm a seasoned quilter like yourself...the newbies in my family would have been so confused if they went to make that one! Thank you!

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