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October 13, 2015


Barbara Anne

Veddy interesting and it does sound veddy fiddly, too.

Good note on the correct size for the half flower units.

I got my Christmas Santa quilt back from the quilter yesterday, so I'll be squaring it up, and then wrestling the quilt to sew the binding on. It's 65"x 65".


Dee Sharon

In real life flower stems are not perfect. I would just leave them and think of nature. Now if someone was going to inspect it with a ruler and get real close to it, that would be their problem. You do such good work as it is.

Colleen Marcotte

Why don't you make stems cut from the straight of grain for the diagonal stems. Then they would be more stable. (If you are going to redo them anyway)

Sue Babich

Thanks for the info on the stems. I have not yet got the courage to attempt these yet :-(

Still working on the flower sections


I think they look just fine. But I think Thelma paper-pieced them and I'm sure she doesn't mind to tell you the measurements.


This is why I paper pieced my stems!! But I agree with Dee, once the flower blocks are all assembled, I think your stems will look fine!

Carol Woosley

Perhaps the stems would behave better if cut on the true bias. Most fabric is off-kilter when it comes off the bolt. For narrow bias strips, this matters!

Pull a crosswise thread, cut on that line, fold fabric in half with selvedges together. If the cut edge is off-kilter, pull on the diagonal to straighten. When this is perfectly squared, your diagonal cut will be on the true bias.

The reason the 7/8" rule doesn't work for your half square triangles is because the math is for a two-dimensional plane. Fabric has thickness--it's three-dimensional! The only way to make the 7/8 rule "work" is to sew a seam narrower than 1/4". I just cut them at 1"--it's easier than adding 7/8" anyway, and square them up after stitching.

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