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October 21, 2015



Good luck with helping Sara and Eva with the packing, moving, and settling in ... especially the settling in! ;-)


Your dinner sounded wonderful. All my favorite foods!
Best of luck with the move and all of the activities associated with it.


wishing Sara and Eva good fortune. I was in the same boat when my son was Eva's age. As long as they have a supportive, loving family, they'll be fine!

Mary Kastner

The party sounds lovely, the food heavenly. I am sure everyone had a great time. Good luck with the move. It will be an adjustment but a good one! Hope you get some sewing time soon. I do not do well mentally without it for too long.


Barbara Anne

Families have always come in all sizes and configurations, but love is the essential ingredient! So happy for Sara and Eva and all who love them. Best of all ... you have another whole house to help decorate!!! Joy!

We started out housekeeping with a couple of new pieces and the rest was "early attic" as a friend of my mother's called the donated pieces!

Your family dinner and menu sound so very delicious. Fun, too!



My son and his daughter live with us too. I think that I am so lucky to be part of my granddaughters daily life. Some families live on opposite coasts and do not share all the special times that we do. I admit this little one wears me out but the day is coming when they exit our home too. Enjoy!


Your dinner sounds yummy! You were busy creating in another room-- the kitchen😊😍. Hope all goes well for Sara and Eva in their new home. It is nice you each will still be close in proximity. As my mom would say "life is a series of adjustments". Take care.

Helen storer

I too have a two year living with us, a full house in 26 year old daughter had just return from London. Middle son heading back from studying on the east coast of australia, youngest son, his partner and two year old all in the house. I see light at the end of the tunnel and will miss those early morning cuddles, as I am sure you will. Lucky your bunch will be close by. Love your blog!


How nice that Sara & Eva will be moving to their 'own' place, but not far away! We've had family members come to live with us & have happy memories of those times together. When they move out it's an adjustment to the new 'normal' but everyone needs to try their 'wings!' That's just how life works!


Great post, thanks for sharing even though you don't have to explain anything. Your family is so lucky to have you :)

Tracey Holzer

Your supper sounds incredible!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I know you'll miss Eva and Sara, but I wish them all the best in their new life. I hope they'll be close.

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