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December 24, 2015



Yay! So happy your dad is home for the holidays! Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Merry Xmas to you and your family! And I'm so glad your dad is home:-)

Paulette Doyle

That's wonderful news! And so special for your Dad! Enjoy and have the best Christmas EVER!

Barbara Anne

JOY! What a gift to the whole family and especially your dear Dad for him to be home again. His chair looks wonderfully comfy!

Any questions about care? Just ask!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Loris Mills

From reading your blog over the past couple of years...I think you are one of the Best nurse, friend, family member support team, and grandmom ever. I'm so happy you are able to bring your Dad home for everyone to love on him and bless him. Merry Christmas!

Mary Kastner

Wonderful news Nicole ! Hope the best for your Dad and that he heals.



Ditto what Loris wrote and how lucky he is to have a wonderful daughter like you to make his Christmas wish come true 😃 May you get many more Christmas wishes granted!


What a wonderful Christmas gift for the whole family and, especially, your dad! He's lucky to have such loving, caring children to help him while he's recuperating!


Wonderful news Nicole and just being there is the best medicine for everyone. Merry Christmas!

Laura Valdez

Great news! Having family taking care of him is the best medicine I'm sure! Merry Christmas a day late but none the less heartfelt to you and your family!


Wonderful for him and all of you, a joy to see.


how wonderful to have your Dad home for Christmas - I'm sure it made his Christmas as well.




So glad to see that your father was home for the holidays!

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