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January 12, 2016


Barbara Anne

Love the fabrics, of course, and it is puzzling why the two sets of instructions are reversed in coloring and in organizational labeling. Did the left hand not check with the right hand once again?!

As you mentioned when you said you cut twice, once to the stated length and again when squaring up, I see no need to precut the "logs". When I made my three Log Cabin quilt decades ago, I just sewed strips around and cut squaring to the center after each addition.

My 1st Log Cabin was made with all of the blocks identical and I got so bored with that repetitious sewing that it took 8 years to finish that first quilt. My other two Log Cabins were scrap quilts and were lots of fun to make.


Tracey Holzer

We just had this conversation about how best to make a log cabin quilt. I like the precision of the paper pieced and cutting the pieces to length would be a close second. We agreed that whacking the pieces off after sewing was the least favourite method. Everyone is different and different methods resonate with different people.
Regardless, your blocks are beautiful!!! How many blocks do you need to make in total??

Becky T

Sometimes I whack better then others so cutting ahead of time works best for me...


I've discovered that for me it's good to make a quilt layout on graph paper before I start cutting and sewing. It always helps me to realize and visualize a project and something to see some mistakes in a pattern or how I can make it easier.
And it's always good to have some extra fabric on hand ... or at least that's my excuse to have a stash;-)

Sue Babich

This is going to be a GORGEOUS quilt when you are done.
Perfect fabric choice for this quilt.

I have made a few Log Cabins quilts in my lifetime always cut all of my strips ahead of time then I can just sit down and sew all of my blocks together :-D


those blocks are gorgeous!!! lucky sara!


These are coming along nicely and guess it is never that easy even though it looks like it should be. Love your colors and can't wait till it all is put together;))) Love it!


The first quilt I ever made and finished was a Log Cabin. I used Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day method and it was super easy, as most of her patterns are. It was her method where I learned how to do strip quilting, and it made most of my quilts so much easier to handle. Good luck with yours.

Carol Woosley

I find the "sew and whack method accurate, as long as I use an even feed foot for piecing. Do you sew one block at a time, or sew, say, strip #3 on all of the blocks before reaching for your #4 strips?

Panto Pam

Thank you for posting about using this ruler! I've had this ruler for quite some time and have been wanting to play with my strip bins to make scrappy log cabin blocks, but had holiday and birthday quilt making I had to do first. Your post Monday morning was just the push I needed. I am having sew much fun!

Dresden Quilter

Thanks for the great advice. I love your blocks.

sew happy

I made my first one as the strip method. Second one I tried but I did not work so I had cut all the separate logs. Maybe I should try the ruler.

Sally K

Just saw a post over on Stitch This! and thought of you. Hope you see this before the offer expires and that you don't already have the book. Kim Diehl's Simple Traditions in ebook form is $6. Hope it's a wonderful day for you.


I am new to free motion quilting on longarm. I just finished my 1st Log Cabin quilt. I need suggestions for quilt motif. Please help. I use 5 strips from the center.

Connie Morgan

I have this ruler but have yet to use it. I also have the pineapple quilt ruler from the same company. I have made a quilt with that one using Little Black Dress. Turned out great! I love the idea of squaring up after each round so you have no surprises; but there is a lot of waste it seems like. Love your color choice for your log cabin. It's going to be gorgeous!


I adore that fabric and a log cabin is such a classic.

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