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January 20, 2016


Karla Brown

Nicole, your log cabin blocks are beautiful! I received a layer cake of the Modern Background Ink as a Xmas present -- I may do something similar!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Barbara Anne

Cheers for the great Log Cabin blocks in progress but I do agree about the gray not holding its own as a substitute for the blacks.

It's been more than 2 decades since I made my 3 Log Cabin quilts but back then, I cut my strips 3" and that was just too wide, but I was a baby quilter then and didn't realize that. I, too, have come to love narrow Log Cabin "logs" and an organized but scrappy look.

Have fun!


Julia Wareing

I agree with you about there being more interest with narrower strips and more rounds to each log cabin block. I didn't buy the ruler for that reason. I was disappointed that they didn't make it that way. Yours are beautiful, though! Love your colors! Will be very striking when you get it finished. I love log cabins, there are so many different settings, that achieve so many different looks with the same simple block.


gorgeous and i love that red center!


I love your blocks and the setting you choose! I've put a log cabin quilt on my to-so-list this year (thanks to you:-) but I like the idea with more and narrow strips.

Mary Wood

Hi Nicole just having a look in to see what you are doing still love your work xx

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