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February 16, 2016



I still love straight furrows, #4.


I really like the radiating star.

Barbara Anne

These three do each have their drawbacks, but of them, I like the Snail's Trail most. It will help to see all of the layouts together tomorrow. Thank you!

Methinks layout #9, Framed Star, is they way I put my first Log Cabin quilt together in 1993, but my center star was formed by the light half of the blocks. My top and side center blocks were turned to complete the diamond "frame" shape.

I'm trying to plan the layout for my Ribbon Star blocks, but that's just a matter of deciding which color goes where (as if that will be simple!). They'll be on point.

Snow and ice with a high of 29*F yesterday, torrential rain with a high of nearly 60*F expected for today. This is nuts!


Mary kastner

Waiting for tomorrow. I think I know my number but certainly not sure of Sara's! Have a good day.



I like the radiating star, although I think it may need a little tweaking.


I have a guess but it will be fun to see which layout Sara chooses! You've given her some nice ones to select from, that's for sure!


I did the Snails trail setting for my oldest grandson and a chevron setting for my youngest grandson. I used a slightly wider strip which gave both a more modern look, which they preferred. I made a quilt using the straight furrows setting and several with the barn raising setting. I love the traditional style quilts, so I don't think you can ever go wrong with the barn raising setting.


you mean the prize for guessing correctly isn't the quilt?! damn. i lose. ;p

Jennifer Gwyn

I sure hope your blocks are still square after you finish handling them over and over!

Jennifer Gwyn

I like the radiating star pattern, but if it looks like a mess in person, I get your drift.


I like #4 and #7 the best. However, they are all lovely in their own way.

Jennifer in Indy

What fun to look at all the options! I made a log cabin several years ago - here are the layout options I wrestled with =>

and the one I finally chose this one =>

Vic in NH

My goodness, I'm exhausted for you by the prospect of all the layouts that you've arranged for our armchair viewing. They sure are all different! I agree that some of them just look muddled and confused.


That was sure an exercise in patience, Nicole! I've made the barn raising and straight furrows designs but all your extra choices are sure intriguing.


I really like #8 the radiating star. It's a very unusual setting.

Leslie Myers

I still love #2


My pick is Layout #5 Barn Raising. I like it the best. Wonder what Sara will pick?


I like layout 2 best.

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