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February 02, 2016



That is a lot of pieces, but definitely worth the effort. I look forward to seeing this finished.

Barbara Anne

Lovely quilt and fabrics and I wish you well!

I understand your puzzlement as to why you put the blocks away in the first place. My many UFOs were put in the closet because something else tempting came along and I was off and running on the new project. I hope to finish one UFO this year.

Be gentle with yourself, my friend.

Big hugs!

Mary Kastner

Gorgeous quilt! how many more blocks are you talking? It will be worth it.


Laura Valdez

I'm just now getting into the computer and reading my favorite blogs and just learned of Grandpa Larry's passing. So sorry for your loss. Prayers for your family for comfort.

Beverley Tekben

Sorry for your loss. I'm sure you miss him as I will miss your writing of him,


that quilt IS spectacular! keep mends the soul and heals the broken heart. little E. is another way to heal. hold her. laugh with her. love her.

linda nichols

I just read the news of Grandpa Larry. He sounds like a wonderful human being and you honor him with your words. I know you will miss him. We all feel the loss when someone like him leaves.


I think your pineapple quilt looks great. This one is definitely on my list but I have so many on my list, I don't know how I will ever make ALL of them. I believe I have 3 different pineapple rulers and some papers too!

grace thorne

it is gorgeous indeed...can't wait to see it finished...and such a loving tribute to grandpa...

Sue Babich

So happy to see that you are going to finish this gorgeous quilt :-D
It is just too pretty to sit in a closet !


Oh my, one very happy note and another sorry note about your Grampa Larry. I have been laid up with the flu and haven't been on line that much and was so sorry to hear of your loss. Lovely picture of him with Eva and am sure you all will miss him.....we sure will miss not hearing about him here.
The pineapple top is just to beautiful to have packed away and not finished...I do remember when you and Thelma were doing these blocks and you are getting so close now. Keep up the good work and know you can do it!!! Don't let that ruler get the best of you Nichole ;)))


Oh my gosh, Nicole. I just read about Grandpa Larry. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I remember sending a card, and always loved it when you gave updates about him. My heart is sad for you and your family. But so glad you have wonderful memories to share among yourselves.

Linda Bishop

That is stunning! A must finish!


WOW That is one stunning quilt. Grandfathers have a special place in our hearts


I'm glad you've decided to finish up this beautiful quilt! The colors are perfect for that pattern! It will definitely take your mind off sadness for a little while as you focus on those blocks!


I remember this quilt! I love the pineapple block and look forward to seeing this one finished.


Nicole, so sorry about Grandpa Larry. He sounds like a fine man and a good example to the rest of his family. My best wishes to you and your family at this time.

Donna Capps

Sorry for your loss of Grampa Larry. Best wishes to you and your family
Your pineapple quilt is stunning and I am sure you will finish this year!
Looking forward to seeing more tips about the technique and ruler.

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