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February 17, 2016



So many to choose from....but I think that Sara will go with the #5 barn raising layout. I think it's tradition but with a modern edge to it.

Chris Horne

I love #2. I think it is really beautiful with the dark frame. Really great quilt Nicole.


#7 and they are all wonderful!

Sandi Whitford

Well, if she were me she would pick #8 radiating star.


Love them all. But #5 is my bet


I think she might go for the traditional #1. There's a good reason why the tried and true patterns get used over and over again!


Nicole, I missed your post yesterday asking for suggestions for other layouts as I was traveling. I didn't realize you were considering a contemporary slant for the quilt. What about the barn raising layout (#5)with the center of the quilt moved toward the upper left corner? It presents a very strong graphic image, slightly asymmetrical but still balanced.


I like number 2,

Cathy Burk

Number 6...Four Squares is my favorite!

Sue Denton

I think # 5 will be her, maybe it's also the one I'd choose. Wonderful to have these choices-- all so gorgeous.

Tammy Shahan

I'D choose #5 Barn Raising. It flows well.

Claudia Hall

I like number1.

Marilyn McGreevey

I love #8.

Mary Kastner

ok i am voting she loves #3. i hope I am right! Have a great day. This was fun for us and a lot of work for you Nicole. Thanks!



Since Sara is younger I say #7 but #four is still my favorite.

Aunt Marti

I like #7, Snail Trail -- because it's original!

Barbara Anne

I like #7, too. What fun to have choices, choices, and more choices!



I like several but #9 is a new one to me - I think it is modern looking so she might choose that one. The blocks are beautiful!


I love #5 Barn Raising. Sara is lucky to have such a talented Mom.


#6 four squares. You go! That was a lot of work rearranging the blocks.

Karen L.

I vote for number 2. They are all great, though.

Patty Fowl

I vote for Number 1, Squares but then they are all beautiful!

You are a wonderful Mom (and Grandmother too!) and not only will your daughter love your quilt but kudos to you for rearranging your blocks 9 times so all your readers could live vicariously with the process!


I predict Straight Furrows #4

Toni Anne

#5 Barnraising, is always my favorite. Whatever the choice the quilt is going to be beautiful. ;-> Toni Anne


I'm going to go with layout #2; followed closely by #3! It will be fun to see what Sara chooses! You've done a great job & the quilt will be beautiful!

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