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February 17, 2016


Laura Valdez

I'm going with #5, Barn Rising. Can't wait to see which one she chooses!


Number 2 with the frame really set off the blocks. It will be lovely no matter which setting you choose.


I'm a tradionalist...I like #5 Barn raising. You did a beautiful job.


#6 is my fave but I think she may pick #2.


This wasn't easy but I did make up my mind, finally. (Dad helped!) I'm so excited to see my new quilt on my bed when it's all finished, just in time for the warmer months. Thank you, mom!!!

Patty Allee

My vote is for #2, Squares with a frame. I think it would look great on a bed. I love all of your quilts. Patty

Linda Enneking

I'm guessing she will pick #6 Four Squares.


Layout #2 is my favorite.


Number 8, radiating Star. But to tell you the truth, I like all of them. Can't go wrong with a Log Cabin block:)

Will be a beautiful quilt.

Pam in Las Vegas

I vote for #5.

Clara Chandler

Layout #6--I'm a traditionalist but this pattern looks very interesting to me.


love them all, but I think I like #2 the best.


I love layout #5


ack!!! can't decide...too many choices! make them all! no help? glad sara has to decide and not me. ;p


I love #8 the most and then #2. But whichever Sara pick it'll look great.

Loris Mills

I'm thinking she'll pick #2 but #4 is also a good one :-)


#5 - Barnraising!

Jennifer Gwyn

I'm thinking she may lean to the Chevron layout - #3. Any way she goes, it will be a beautiful quilt to snuggle with and think of you at the same time.

Beth F

Great choices! I like layout #5, Barn Raising but it was difficult to pick just one, good luck finishing!


Snails Trail.


Layout #5 Barnraising is my preferred choice. Any one of them would make a stunning quilt however.

Helen Power

I like layout 5 its restful and pleasing to look at.

Mary S

#4- furrows for my first choice, #7- snail trail for a really close second- so inspiring- just started a red, white and blue log cabin quilt because of your post

Miss Jean

Barn Raising #5

Kay Mc

I like #6 the best. All of them look really pretty, but this one really stands out to me.

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