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February 17, 2016


Kim gorshe

Love them all - going with number 7!


#5, then #2 but they are all awesome, especially in the colors you chose. Lucky Sara!!


I like No. 5 Barn Raising.

Beth Cassel

I like the radiating star #8....
so different...
they are all so beautiful


I love #3 - it looks like it's going somewhere!

Dania Kinney

I like layout #6. Don't know what Sara will choose but all of them are lovely!

Brenda Oakes

I vote for #5 barn raising. It looks great with a 2 (plus red centers) colour quilt or a multi coloured
Half with a plain opposite.

Judi Smith

#5 Barn Raising is my favorite. Making this decision is why I have a love/hate relationship with making log cabin quilts!!

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