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April 19, 2016



Thanks for the encouragement about being a good admin or in my case legal assistant. It is important to me too for all of my bosses to "look good". Enjoy all that quiet time while binding.

Barbara Anne

I hear you on those never-ending bindings! To my delight, I've machine sewn bindings (top and bottom) on my last three large quilts and it too time, quilt clips, and start-stop sewing - plus wrestling the quilt itself - but the bindings were on except for joining the ends in about an hour. Arthritis is beginning to make long stents of hand stitching very difficult.

Cheers that your DH's new job seems like it will suit him well and having good assistants and co-workers is a Godsend. Wishing him well!

Love the cooking lessons and I imagine the tasty sugar cookies will encourage Eva to follow the recipes until she gets the hang of cooking and baking. What fun. :)


Mary Kastner

That is a hilarious story about cooking. yOu are a good grandma for sure. I am having my own binding issue at the present moment so shook my head and smiled back at you. I share your pain Nicole. Good thoughts to your husband on his new job. Have fun making cookies today.


Loris Mills

Lovely quilting on Sara's quilt :-)
Enjoy those cookies!


Nicole, your kitchen adventures sound like the fun we had at our house when we invited our children & their respective spouses to a Chopped Challenge a couple weeks ago. It was fun (who would ever think of combining Vienna sausages & pineapple & Indian vegetables? Other than Eva, I imagine), but what a mess!!! A good and memorable time was had by all, including me, the chief bottle washer.
(One of the judges was our 14 month old grandson --if he didn't like the dish, points were deducted. Haha)
I know you'll love baking, decorating and munching those sugar cookies with Eva! :)


Enjoy your time with Eva in the kitchen I'm sure with your help and the right ingredients the cookies will taste yummy!
And have fun with your bindings it always feels so good to have a quilt finished.


I loved cooking with the kids when I taught Kindergarten. That's such a great age to learn e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.!!
It's nice to know someone cared enough to prepare for your husband's start at his new job. That says so much about the new employer's staff!
Sara's quilt is beautiful with its 'frosting' finished! Happy binding--my favorite part of quilt making!


lol @ eva! the log cabin quilting looks beautiful. binding is both mindless and relaxing for me. i'm about 1/2 through binding a queen size quilt. i work on mine in the evenings with task light. ;p


What a great teaching lesson! You can hear the love in your words!


Sounds like quite and adventure in the kitchen with Eva. I'm sure she enjoyed herself very much. You are wonderful to allow her the freedom to have so much fun.

Best of luck to your hubby and his new job.


Sounds like a fun day with Eva and bet she will love the results much better today when she can eat her results! Good luck on the baking and enjoy your time with her.

Quilt Hollow

I'm looking forward to a someday grand...I'm a tad envious here. Beautiful frosting and gorgeous quilt!

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