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April 01, 2016



Love your tester block. I too love this pattern and the fabric by 3 Sisters. Enjoy your Saturday and I look forward to seeing results. No pressure...

Barbara Anne

Great block and delightful fabrics! What a delight to anticipate having a free Saturday to do as you wish after a leisurely breakfast. You can even sew all day while still in your jammies!

We've had a thunderstorm with lots of rain, wind, thunder, and lightening in the wee hours this morning. That's just right for springtime in the South.

I'm laying out border units to plan color placement today, then sewing them together.They're on point, so I hope they fit the sides of the quilt as planned. Fingers crossed!



Beautiful block! Enjoy oyur free saturday and have a wonderful weekend!

Tracey Holzer

Its going to be gorgeous!


it's gonna be a lovely quilt....happy sewing this weekend. ;p

Stephani in N. TX

Very pretty block, and lovely fabric; I love anything "Three Sisters."I saw all those HST. We learned about cutting 8 at a time in a class and I'm almost looking forward to making quilts with triangles now. Since then Lynn Wilder in CA has come out with a book with a formula for making the 8 triangles any size. I plan to make a 7" square and see if I can get some number of perfect 2-1/2" triangles. My most dreaded directions in quilt making is "make 496 HST 2-1/2" each. Good luck on your quilt and a beautiful weekend coming up. Enjoy.


I noticed you have some of the numbered pins--the box is distinctive!
They're so much handier than a ton of little numbered slips of paper, aren't they?? Have a lovely week-end enjoying some sewing & warm sunny weather! 🌷

Loris Mills

Pretty block in those fabrics. Hope you get to sew a lot...this will be fun see more of :-)

Sue Babich

Great block and this fabrics are just beautiful ! Have fun sewing Saturday ! Looking forward to seeing your progress Monday :-D


flying geese always look so great in a quilt........

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