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April 21, 2016


Mary Kastner

It looks very nice Nicole. Good job! Hope your period of adjustment goes OK. I think you have been through this before but I am sure it is not easy. Have a nice weekend. The weather person is still saying rain in the Bay Area for us. We will see!



The quilt turned out beautiful, love the colors and the classic/modern feel. Outlander is wonderful. Have you read the books? I've convinced my husband to read them too, he's enjoying them and now we watch the show together, so it's no longer a guilty pleasure!


Wonderful quilt and Remy knows that! I have the same 'problem' as soon as a new quilt or quilttop lay somewhere one of my cats is one it.
Enjoy your rule over the remote control your hubby will reclaim it as soon as he's back;-)

Chris Horne

Love the quilt Nicole. For some reason I have never made a log cabin so I'll have to add it to my list. I am Outlander obsessed too. I have read a few of the books and will read the rest at some point. That show makes me want to knit everything Claire wears.


The quilt looks great in its new home. I like the graphic-ness of it.


the quilt looks gorgeous! i love her headboard too! i know what you mean about the t.v. i use hand work to avert my eyes from some of the violence. ;p i love outlander. i went back to start watching season 1 again and found i loved it even more than the first time. such a beautiful love story with lots of politics. another good one is The White Queen. i've watched it multiple times. if you have amazon prime you can stream it for free.


Of course we have to get the 'paw of approval' on any quilt project as soon as it hits the floor! I've finally given up & just let the dog be IN the photo because it's easier than shoo-ing them off the already rumpled quilt! Sara's log cabin's layout looks perfect on her bed! Good job!

Jennifer in Indy

The quilt looks great! Sorry you're missing your husband - my best friend and neighbor just moved away and we watched Outlander together - love the books and the show!


Nicole, The log cabin quilt pattern you picked for Sara's quilt is beautiful and it looks great in her bedroom. Jane


The quilt looks great, Nicole, worth waiting for. In my house each quilt is checked out by 1 dog and 2 cats.


Lovely quilt and it is coordinated so well with Remy!

Barbara Anne

Sara's quilt is lovely and it's no wonder she's pleased with it and with your wonderful talents! I love Remy's happy smile! :)

Yes, all of our pets have gravitated to what we call "the silly millimeter" that has them a modicum higher than their surroundings. Our beloved Basset Hound, Daisy, would stretch out on the corner of a tarp when the tarp was flat was on the patio. She seemed to imagine that was a special place. Too funny.

Wishing you well as you and your DH adjust to being apart during the week but I hear you about having sole control of the remote! Hope he has some family to be with during his work week.



Helen storer

Sara's quilt lovely, i have just started watching Outlander great show for sewing along to. Have a great weekend h

Stephani in N. TX

Great quilt Nicole. I've made a number of log cabins, but yours looks a tad more modern for a younger generation. I solved our problem of remotes by adding a second TV in our bedroom. Turned out my husband loved it and I no longer heard alligator hunts and police shows. Other things we watched in the living room together. For a while my husband commuted from TX to St.Louis. It was always fun to look forward to Friday nights and Sunday parting for the airport eventually was something we dealt with easily.

Sue Babich

Awesome quilt Nicole !!
It looks perfect on her bed.

It is pouring here this morning . My gardens are going to love this rain :-D


Sara's quilt looks just beautiful on the bed and even with little friends on it, sure is cute. Nice to see it completed and love it!


Such a beautiful quilt! I love how realistic and accepting you always write about lifes circumstances. That inspires me to have a better attitude towards my own life. :-)
Wishing your husband a fulfilling job!


Gorgeous quilt! I like that layout you chose and the quilting is great. And yes, our pets demand first shot at any new quilt. ;)

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