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April 13, 2016


Mary Kastner

Love the colors and the triangles. I appreciate your blogging efforts no matter how often you get to them, I hope your husband's new job works out for him. It is tough out there in the working world these days. You are a busy lady Nicole and I so appreciate you sharing your world with me. Have a great day!


Joan S

I've been wanting to try a tumbler quilt. Yours would look great in my daughter's apartment! Love it!!

Barbara Anne

What wonderful additions to the Tumbler quilt those added borders are!! The colors are delightful and whoever receives it will no doubt be thrilled. Applause!!

I know what you mean about seeming to have less sewing time with your sweet DH home every day. My DH is retired so it's the same here. Love him, but it's often hard to retreat to my wee sewing haven. Hope your DH's new job is perfect with pleasant co-workers and a short commute.

Brian loves his almost finished quilt top and we're off to see my quilter today to decide on a quilting pattern and thread color while he's here visiting!



My guy just retired and he wants me around all the time. I'm having to really force myself to stick to a routine of my own and not waiver on the studio time. It's hard because I always tell him, he's my favorite waste of time because we can kill off hours on end and not really do much! I think that's a good thing but a bad thing for a quilter.


We both retired in 2006 but before that happened I set down some me-time rules. And that worked fine until I became very ill last summer and DH became my full-time caretaker. Now that I am doing so much better and have finally begun to get back into quilting we had to have the "me-time" talk again. It's really hard when someone loves you so much he would rather do things with you all the time but it is also important to recover your creative time as that is part of who you are.


I love the way you finished yout Tumbler quilt it looks so great and is a beautiful gift for a male relative.
Hope the new job works out for your hubby and find a schedule that suits you both. I know it took my mom some time to find a balance after my dad retired but now they both enjoy their lives.


You have a great eye for what a quilt needs to make it pop! The borders look great & the future recipient will be thrilled to have it!
Finding a balance doesn't get any easier no matter where we are in life, does it?


that quilt is awesome...i love denyse schmidt's bright colors. glad your husband has found another job. eva must enjoy having both of you around for those 18 hours a week. ;p


For a woman who says she doesn't have time to quilt, you sure are getting a lot of quilts finished! I should follow your 'year of finishes' goal since I, too, have a lot of close-to-finishes lying around. Lots of blocks that just need to be sewn into tops, tops that need quilting, and quilts that need binding. Why do I stop when I am sooo close?! Anyway, keep up the 'no sewing' cause you are getting a lot done!

Tracey Holzer

Beautiful quilt, Nicole! But I expect that from you!! I'll send you a pic of my Kim Diehl Farmers Wife quilt that I just finished. A few of us guild girls are headed south to Montana tomorrow to hit a couple fabulous quilt shops. We have to travel to get to any quilt stores, so we do quite a lot of online shopping. Have a good rest of your week.

Quilt Hollow

Love what you did to border this one. I hear you about hubby being home and finding time for your sewing. I always say there aren't enough hours in the day for all I intended to do when I woke that am. You SEW circles around me!


Congratulations on another finish, Nicole. I love the fabrics in this one and the borders finish it off nicely. I particularly like the black corners.


Love your finished tumbler quilt! Glad to hear your lack of posting is not due to bad news. Funny how we feel we need to be around our hubbies when they're home even though they don't demand it...wanna watch a movie, go to the nursery, etc. gotta luv them :)


This quilt is beautiful Nicole! :)

So happy for Dennis! Can't wait to hear about his new job!

Love, Steph


This is really pretty. Love the colors.

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