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May 17, 2016



So precious. What beautiful times you are having and memories you are creating. I, too, live near my grandchild (he's 15 months) and I cherish every moment we are together. How fortunate I am to see him so frequently. I hope you enjoy this summer!

BaBarbara Annerbara Anne

Oh, How sweet it is!


Chris Horne

Love it! How do grandchildren grow up so fast? I love that Eva calls her grandpa Denny. My grandsons call my husband Ga. I have no idea where it came from but the oldest coined it before he was one.


I'm sure Eva enjoyed the time with you!

Mary Kastner

So much fun! We took our two to Disneyland last week. The little one celebrated her 6th birthday and did not remember being there before. I spent a lot of time watching all the little ones, their expressions made it all very magic to me. Enjoy every moment with Eva.


Oh, Nicole, please don't feel obligated to blog when you're so busy with 'life!' We all go through times when we don't have time or don't have the mojo to quilt. Puppets?! You're living on the edge with Ozzie bringing those out when he's around--you can just see the wheels whirring in his brain in that picture!! 🐶


These days will pass too quickly. Enjoy your granddaughter while you can.


wonderful! enjoy the relaxing time.


I would have been there. I have never had the pleasure of a puppet show. Now I know what I am missing by not having grandchildren.


My only granddaughter is 19 and just finished her freshman year in college. Oh, how I wish we had those earlier years back again. Was so much fun but each year in her life is important so we enjoy what we have. She still comes to visit for a few days - drives herself - so we are lucky that a 19 yo wants hang out with her grandparents! Enjoy every moment!!Eva is a cutie!

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