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May 27, 2016



A quiet time box is a great idea. My granddaughter is content to play on her own as long as she can be in my sewing room with me. She doesn't want to be by herself yet, altho' I know that is coming!


Whatever it's called, it's gorgeous! I'm enjoying watching your progress, especially since I'm doing almost no quilting!


Nicole, I know exactly what you are saying. I have nine Grandchildren now but only one lives nearby who I mind two days a week and every second weekend. He turned five this week but like Eva he still likes my company. I have his bedroom organised as well. It is school next year, Aussie school year, then I will only see him every second weekend so we are enjoying our time together while we can but some 'me' time would be good occasionally. Hope you manage it.


Your blocks look amazing no matter what the pattern is actually called!
Enjoy your time with Eva and I'm sure you two will find a compromise so you can have a bit sewing time.

Mary Kastner

Good luck with the time issue. Perhaps moving the boxes into your sewing room would help. They do seem to like to be close to you. Or maybe taking your handwork where she wants to be? I always try to remember that this time is limited before they don't want you anywhere near them. The quilt looks great! Have a wonderful long weekend!


Nancy M Stevens

If you ever DO figure out what that pattern is called, please post it! Looks terrific, Nicole!


What about recording yourself reading the books aloud? Eva is probably very capable of turning a tape or cd player on & off by herself. Has she tried lacing cards to 'sew' along with you? I do remember you sharing pictures on your blog of her room at your house & it is full of fun activities!
Those blocks are gorgeous! 'Lots of flying geese,' for sure!!

Barbara Anne

Love these blocks as they look on point but will say that "Into the Wind" sounds familiar.

Wishing you well on working out me-time with Eva. Having her quiet time box in your sewing room sounds good. Is there a child-sized table where she can work?



Your blocks are looking wonderful! Hope Eva enjoys her quiet box and you are able to get a bit of sewing in each day. :-)


lovely quilt! Sesame Street is so fun...i can sit and watch it myself. ;p Have a lovely safe weekend. :)


Absolutely love that quilt and can't wait to see it develop! Good luck on finding something for Eva to do so you can have a little sewing time.


What's in a name? Who cares what the quilt is called - it's gorgeous!

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