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May 25, 2016


BaBBarbara Annearbara Annerbara Anne

Applause!! Your Steampunk quilt top is just glorious, the outer border fabric is perfect, and the colors are so happy!

Oh, my best wishes for your recovery from too cuh fun with sweet Miss E! May your back forgive you.



That border is absolutely perfect for that quilt. Genius!

Ah, the things we grandparents do for our grands.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I love this quilt, Nicole. The lattice, the side triangles, the borders -- all are perfect! You're reinforcing my urge to try this pattern!


The light color is perfect for the border on Steam Punk. Good for you, getting all these finishes in.

I sympathize about the carnival. I'm going to be in trouble if I ever take a grandchild to one as even watching those rides go round and round gives me motion sickness, let alone having to get on one. Eva sure looks happy though.

Stephani in N. TX

Beautiful finish to Steampunk, very pretty Nicole. Love the light fabric. Lets the innards be the attraction. Great that you are so close to Miss E. Sorry that not all Gramas can be close to grandchildren, distance or whatever. I just spent a long weekend snuggling with my little bitty grandson who is darling even just stretching and waking up. I do feel it along with the 3-4 hour drive to and from, but I'm excited to be part of his life.


Eva looks so happy to be at the fair! You can't get those days back for a re-do, so go for it & know she's going to remember them all her life! You're fortunate to be able to share this time with her as she grows up!
The quilt is stunning! The borders in off white allow those blocks to be the stars of the show! Great job!


It's a beautiful quilt and the border is perfet for it!
Eva looks so happy I'm sure she enjoyed spending time with her grandmother:-)

Mary W

Love "Steam Punk". Slowly working on one myself. It is a fun pattern.

Mary Kastner

I like the border. I agree that the focus should be on the blocks. Very pretty and a keeper! Eva's tales about the fair will be worth every minute of it for you. What we do for those grand babies is really amazing.


Paulette Doyle

Bravo!! Standing ovation time!!!


I really haven't cared for the versions of Steam Punk that I've seen, until now! Your lighter version has changed my mind about this intriguing pattern. It is beautiful and I agree that you should hang on to this one for yourself. Nice job!


I really like how your Steam Punk turned out - just beautiful!!


that quilt is gorgeous! at least the fair is not held during peak summer heat? heat reflecting off of the asphalt is horrible. ;p

Nancy Watkins

Your Steam Punk is fabulous!!! I wanted to do that one but never got around to it. I am going to order the pattern today! Just think of all the exercise you got at the County Fair!

Loris Mills

Perfect border and background fabrics. This is a really fun looking quilt. Lovely work!

Jennifer Gwyn

Very nice, in all the choices you made. I look forward to the quilt pattern you will select for it. Go take some Aleve and get back to quilting!

Carol C

The 'sacrifices' we make for our grandchildren. do they realize how fortunate they are. In any case we are certainly lucky to have them.
Steam Punk is on my to-do list, as are so many others. At least you're tackling your WIP's.


Yes I think you should keep steam punk........the border suits it.....

Debbie R.

Wow! Fabulous quilt. It should definitely be YOURS!

As for all the time you've been spending with Eva -- you'll soon forget the aches and pains, and what will be left is a great relationship and a lifetime of memories. Worth every minute!

Tracey Holzer

There is something very satisfying about getting an unfinished project done, heh? Great job! I really think that border is perfect for the quilt.


I really love your color choices for this quilt. I'm inspired and ready to start a new project.

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