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May 11, 2016



This time of perfect weather is so short, go enjoy. I've been doing the same thing: just can't be inside. Before we know it the heat will be bearing down and we won't want to go outside.


Sounds just wonderful. Spring is the best time of year.


That's sounds perfect! I would love to sit on my porch but sadly after a few nice days weather is turning again and it's colder and raining:-( Enjoy your porch-time you deserve it!

Chris Horne

Enjoy the weather. I have been sewing a lot because the weather in NH has been rainy and cold for weeks. Once it is warm, as it's supposed to be today, the sewing will slow down and I'll be outside too. Enjoy your granddaughter too! I have been to a lot of little league games lately. Can't believe they are getting so big. Weren't they just babies ?

Sherry V.

At first I got a little nervous. . . but then I thought the little one was keeping you busy.

I'm not much of a gardening person but I have some friends that are fanatics so I completely understand.

For us, it is the beginning of camping season so I will be doing more handwork unless we are at home.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Barbara Anne

Will try to post with white text on a white background due to a computer update that back-fired. Hope there are no typos as I cannot see them.

Am so glad things are all right and your simply enjoying the weather,the season, and Miss E! Oh, and Ozzie, too, of course.



Great to hear from you! I was hoping all was well & you were just taking a blogging break. Thank you for sharing Ozzie pictures--it's been way too long since we've seen his cute face! Enjoy yourself because the quilting will always be there!


that gorgeous park kills me every time! for me, i would be sitting on that porch and working on embroidery. ;p

pam hansen

Nicole please share what you have been reading.
I too enjoyed being outdoors last week but now the southern end of our valley is heating up. Yuck for me but good for the crops.


I was a tad concerned. Glad all is well. The beautiful weather does draw you out. Pretty soon here it will be so hot we will be hiding in the AC and have plenty of time to sew.


A book with wine and BBQ potato chips on the porch sounds wonderful! Still a bit too cool here in NJ for that though.


I was getting concerned also. Glad to hear everything is going well. Soon here in AZ the sitting outside weather will be gone and hibernating in the AC will be what I'm doing! Lots of sewing in the future!


I thought maybe you jumped the pond and were in Ireland! But sitting at home on the porch sounds wonderful too. I would have never guessed you to be a bbq chips kind of gal, more a humus and crackers sort. LOL Glad you're doing fine.

Nancy Watkins

Sounds like the good life Nicole! Life is too short so keep drinking that wine, eating those chips and sew when the mood hits!


We don't get too many perfect days here in Minnesota, so I have been doing the same thing. We finished planting the garden, have the tomatoes and everything in, things are starting to peek through the soil, and it may freeze tomorrow morning! And a bit of wine has been consumed in our pergola this past week. Now we have no sun and it's getting colder. Yuk!

Mary Kastner

Happy to hear from you! Sounds delightful!


Jody Randall

First off, long time reader, first time commenting. I totally related to your post today. Been hanging on my patio as much as Ohio weather allows. Once weather gets hot and humid we'll all be back sewing! Love your blog and sharing of beautiful quilts. Very inspiring!


Lol glad to hear you are okay and had to post after getting lots of concern d emails. Guess it's nice to know we miss you when you're not filling us in on your day to day goings on :)


So glad to hear from you and see Ozzie! :-)

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