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August 03, 2016



Great choice. I think that your transgressions are reasonable. I don't think it would be possible to stick with a diet that left you unsatisfied. I wish you success.
I should do it too, have an extra 20 lbs on my middle.


I recently lost 25 pounds on Whole 30 and have been successful keeping it off. I to had to customize it to my lifestyle. My motto is 100 % Whole 30 80% of the time!! Good luck...I know you will be successful.

Susie Q

I think part of the point is it is only for 30 get the junk out of your body and then add back the things you want one by one to see if your body still feels great!!!! There is something adult in the way they put this no fudging, just do it. A maturity thing so to speak. So have you begun??? I fall off the sugar thing about every two weeks.

Mary Kastner

Love the wine spritzer idea. I will definitely copycat you on that one. It (the wine) is such a mental game for me. Also, if I can add one more thing for you to think about. Make sure you are getting enough protein. It really helps curb my appetite. Your plan sounds really good!


Tracey Holzer

Way to go, Nicolel! I'm excited to hear how you do with this.


I applaud your sensible approach to giving it a try! You do a great job sharing personal challenges in a very public blog! A white wine spritzer sounds like a fair substitute for the Chardonnay!


Good for you! I think it's smart that you took what works for you and everything that's not just leave off.

Julie in WA

Woo Hoo! Eating clean and healthy is truly the point of making some changes in dietary choice. I, too, need half and half in my coffee every morning!


LOL! When I read your last post, I thought it sounded good except the no wine part. When I saw your pic on today's post, I had to laugh. Kindred spirits in more that just quilting!


Glad to hear that you are customizing the plan to work for you. Very sensible. Good luck!


I work with a primary care doctor and he always encourages patients, especially those who have diabetes, or just need to lose weight, of those five items: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and alcohol. They are all starches, which turn to sugar in the body and are stored as fat if not burned up. So you appear to be on track. I had to laugh at your blog post title, but totally agree that if it doesn't work with your life, MODIFY IT!


Another version of this is the primal diet which is like paleo, but less restrictive. You can find some information here: or there's a "start here" link near the top. Basically it's an eating plan like whole 30, but allows some fruit, dairy, wine and coffee. For health reasons, this is the eating plan I'll probably be on for the rest of my life, and there's lots of yummy food available.


Sounds like you are really getting into this Whole 30 diet thing, but on your terms. I think the diet for anyone is the diet that they can stick to. I like the wine spritzer idea, and I definitely need a small amount of cream in my coffee. I've tried it black, but it makes my stomach hurt.

Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios

I love this idea of a wine spritzer. What a great way to make the plan work for you!

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