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August 01, 2016


patrice lambusta

Would you please share your recipe for the ground chicken stir fry? My problem with the Whole 30 is dinner. By the time I get home from a full day of teaching (yes, I am teaching summer school this year) I just want to eat the fastest thing i can put together. Plus, that cold glass of chardonnay is calling my name. Thanks!


The fresh fruits in your photo look delicious. Given a choice, I could let the ice cream go; Chardonnay, not so much!

Susie Q

You will feel different!!!!!! NO sugar, etc. Once you are off those foods you do not crave them as much. No "little" headache from this and that chemical. You CAN do whole 30 as it is written... it is a mind set and if you can sew you can do this... and when you ease off you put just one food back at a time and see if your body has any thoughts. You can do it!!

Mary Kastner

Well at least I am not the first responder to say I am not willing to give up my wine just yet BUT I think this is a great idea to try Nicole. I have continually adjusted my " I don't eat that anymore" diet for quite a while now and I do feel really good about how and what I eat. I think no gluten for me has been a good one. I certainly am not 100% on anything but in general with an occasional slip I am a whole lot better with what is going into my mouth. Good luck!


Julie in WA

I did the Whole 30 a year and a half ago. Lost ten pounds (husband lost 20) changed my life. I stuck to the program for 45 30 days was not long enough to break my sugar habit. I have relapsed a couple of times, but for the most part I continue to eat the whole30 way. Am down 25 pounds and keeping it off! I find that cooking is much easier, keeping food simple and preparation pure. For me, the most critical step was cleaning out my cupboards of all foods not allowed. I also signed up for the daily emails (small cost) and perused the website many times a day. You can do it!


I've heard about Whole 30 but I don't think it's something for me ... because I don't think I can live withput chocolate (and a glass of wine now and then;-)


I think life is too short to eliminate the wine, I think I remember you once saying " a day without wine is like a day without sunshine" No sunshine for 30 days? Really? LOL Good Luck with the rest.

Linda Bishop

I did Whole 30 two and a half years ago. I lost 10 kilos. Changed how I eat forever. I don't stick to it so strictly now but I still don't eat bread, avoid wheat and hardly eat any sugar. Give it a go. You can do anything for 30 days!


Good luck! I have found that quilting keeps my hands too busy to stuff my face with tasty treats. Unfortunately, at some point I do have to stop quilting...and therein lies the trouble! Let us know how it goes.

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