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August 12, 2016


peggy hendrick

Love your log cabin...could you tell me the name of the quilt pattern that is at the top of your post (header)...couldn't find a link in you blog...and is this a pattern of yours? If not where might I find it...thanks...


I just realized in your picture that there's a HST in the center of the block. I didn't see it pattern when I looked at it need to pay more attention.Have a wonderful weekend, too.

Tracey Holzer

I love those scrappy lights. I've been too chicken to attempt using several lights, and I've always opted for the safe, one background fabric route. Between you and Miss Rosie for inspiration, I should be able to break thru my fear one day!!! LOL Have a fabulous weekend, Nicole.

Nancy Watkins

Love your log cabin blocks!!

Mary Kastner

They look great. SChool starting yeah!


Bertha Mallard

Congratulations! You caught the Log Cabin Bug. I love Log Cabins and have made several quilts using these blocks. I never tire of the versatility of the blocks. There is a quilter I know of who makes only Log Cabin quilts. Welcome to the club.


Love the HST's in the center! That's a fun twist to the traditional log cabin block! It's hard to believe that Eva is starting school--wasn't she just 'Baby E??'

pam hansen

Can't wait to see all of these blocks put together. I have always wanted to make Raise the Roof but just continue to do other projects. This quilt has such a beautiful layout and use of light and dark fabric.


I've never seen a hst in the middle of a log cabin block but I really like it. I may just have to make another log cabin quilt, too.

Anne Simonot

Log cabins are my favourite! I sew them in batches of 4 - 8 at a time. I'll never be done with them for good.


Oh, my goodness! Eva is starting school already. How quickly the time passes.
Love your log cabin photos. One of my favorite blocks, but I know what you are saying. I usually need a break from piecing them about midway.


Love your finished Log Cabin quilt but also love the centre of your new blocks. Have yet to make one for myself. I`d love to do a curved Log Cabin. Happy Stitching.

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