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August 08, 2016



Love the fabrics. Can't wait to see what they are going to turn into!

Loris Mills

Thank you for sharing your tip! I think I need that ruler as my quarter triangle blocks are always wonky :-/ I thought it was just I'm glad I'm not alone.

Mary Kastner

THese are always wonky for me as well. GOod tips and the ruler helps a lot. Can"5 wait to see what you are up to. Have a great week.



Yep! That's Fit To Be Geese's cousin & every bit as successful for making accurate blocks! Both are well worth every penny! Happy trimming!


boy, i am with you! i've only recently joined the choir of making tricky units a bit bigger and then trim them down. wish i had done this years ago! ;p


I'm always making them bigger and trim them down too. But you can use any ruler as long as it has a diagonal line.


I did a quilt with 350+ of these blocks and using the foundation on a roll was amazing. Zero waste of fabric, no trimming, but yes, some TV hand work removing the papers. Yours are looking fabulous!

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