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August 16, 2016


Loris Mills

The cake looks yummy and decadent. What a fun way to spend with Eva. She is looking sweet and beautiful. Happy Birthday to DH!

Mary Kastner

It looks beautiful and delicious. I have never heard of that egg white thing! It sounds like a lot of work but worth it in the end!


Tracey Holzer

That looks fabulous!


If you're having a 'fairly significant birthday' then, by all means, have a 'fairly complicated' cake to celebrate! No sense doing mediocre for something that important! That was a nice way to spend the last week before school starts with your adorable baker-in-training! Belated happy birthday to your husband! 🎂🎈🎉

Susie Q

That looks like a significant cake!!!!

My mother was never one to eat mediocre store bought cookie and as a result I never had an Oreo at home!!


The cake looks amazing and yummy! I rarely buy a cake make them almost always myself because a) I know what's in it then and b) they normally taste a lot, lot better then a bought one.
Oh, and Happy Birthday to your hubby:-)

Sandy M

I've been thinking about making a "from scratch" cake and have not had much luck. For some reason it turns out very dry. I read that using Cake flour will make it dry but that is what the recipe called for... my butter cream is waaayyyy too sweet and runny, so I need to work on that too. I'm not giving up though!
Yours looked FANTASTIC. Your helper looks too big to be Eva. lol! They grow so FAST!!


Isn't baking fun? I totally agree with you, that if you don't eat sweets too often, it's okay to have a wee bit once in awhile, and that wee bit should be spectacular. Not a cake from a box! I'm glad everything turned out well, and that you had such a good helper.


i hear you about not wanting to 'waste' calories on mediocre food. that is why i cook at home. it can be tiring but at least it is good. ;p

happy bday to hubby!


What a great looking cake, so glad it's not a box cake. Those things have very little flavour. This cake however, looks like it has loads of flavour. What a lovely thing to do for your hubby, I'm sure this made celebrating his birthday so worthwhile.


I saw your photos on Instagram. That cake looks delicious. I think you have a good point, we make dessert so rarely, why not go all out for a special occasion.


That cake looks amazing! Love the British Baking Show, too.


Fab cake. Yum. I was looking through previous blog post and notice you are a collector of Frivil tins. Only one to go. Still have to start any of them. :) Happy Stitching.


We had cooked frosting on our birthday cake every year growing up. We always hoped for good weather as a damp rainy day impacted the frosting recipe. Yours looks delicious!


OMG, this looks and sounds incredibly delicious! Bravo, and happy birthday to hubby!!

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