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October 10, 2016


Mary Kastner

OMG those are little and you did them twice. Madness IMHO Nicole!!! Boy you have to look twice to see those are the same parts in those two blocks. I hope you enjoyed a glass of wine after all that effort!!



I was going to make these blocks but I have decided to pass on them and make a 6" red and white school house blocks. I will paper piece them.

Terri Stanley

Eeks! These blocks are a lot trickier than I anticipated and I am only doing one of each in the city colors. They are definitely skill builders for me and I am determined to keep plugging along. You are speedy! I have 8 and 9 cut and ready to sew. When I read the directions for 10 on her blog I looked and happened to have 1" triangle paper. Not sure why I already own this but I will be using it. You have done a beautiful job with your blocks and seeing them inspires me.

Susie Q

Those are two hours I will never see again. But the real bummer is the two groups of HST that you will see again and again and again until you decide to give away, throw away, put away all because you did not know when to walk away, lol.


You can count those two hours as being 'a learning experience' which sounds so much better than 'hours you'll never see again!' I admire your perseverance, no matter the term you use!

pam hansen

Been there done that and yes that kind of experience leaves a bitter sense of frustration.
Looking forward to more blocks.


I didn't start with my blocks yet but I love seeing yours! They are beautiful:-)

Barbara Anne

Hang in there! You an take a deep breath and contine just as you wish to do. No quilt police and no one but yourself to please!


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