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January 11, 2017



Isn't it fun to quilt from scraps? I tried to do that with Bonnie Hunter's most recent mystery quilt, and I found that I didn't have enough fabric in my stash so I had to go out and buy fabric. I guess that means I don't have a big enough stash, right? Anyhow, your little blocks look marvelous and I can't wait to see the completed quilt.

Jean Etheridge

So very pretty! I love that it will be a Christmas quilt!

Barbara Anne

Standing ovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am still working on my Magic of Christmas blocks! I admire that you did two of each plus some extras! I don't know what I'm going to do with them. I think I'll just make 25 into a wallhanging... still thinking about it... Your's are gorgeous!


Fabulous blocks and I am sure the quilt will be equally wonderful.


Gorgeous blocks. Teensy pieces aren't my thing either. I find it more difficult to get smaller blocks to come out the right size.


I enjoy you sharing with all of us....from the pictures to the thoughts of the project. Always inspiring😉 A beautiful quilt it will be when finished.

Tracey Holzer

This is gorgeous, Nicole!! And all those many months have a way of slipping by us! I'd love to join the half square sew along, but I have way too many books to read!! ;-) Today is a good reading or sewing day because with the windchill, it is -40F here in SK!!! Have a good day, Nicole.

Stephani in N. TX

Beautiful quilt Nicole. Love how you share what you stitched and how you stitched it.


Great idea. Open the book, make the block. I'll add this to my grabbing fabric out of a paper bag. I find I agonize over quilts and they never get done. Thanks.

Mary Kastner

The blocks look great. You will really be pleased with yourself next Christmas when this is all finished! great job.



Bravo!!! I just started on Block # 19. "Life" and "Work" get in the way of my stitching time!!! I really like your red and green choice of fabrics -looks fabulous! HUGS... and stitches


It's going to be a beautiful, classic Christmas quilt!


I love how you interpreted Lisa's idea into your own by doing both the red and green blocks and telling yourself it was okay to drop some locks and add more of your own. Great job on the random selections!


Your blocks looks great and I can't wait to see the finished quilt! Will you ise cornerstones for your setting? If yes, you could buy fabric for the cornerstones and enough for a border too it would tied all nicely together ... just a thought:-)

Miss Jean

Just gorgeous - as always!!!


Excellent assortment of blocks and love the color combination. That is going to make a beautiful quilt.


those are beautiful! love the settin!

Sue Babich

Congratulations on finishing all of your blocks and just using fabric from your stash !!! I APPLAUD YOU !!!!!


This quilt will be absolutely beautiful when finished! It's already lovely!! I printed all these patterns of Lisa B's off but didn't have the time. Thinking of joining in on her new HST sew along. You have inspired!

Laura Valdez

Love it, love it, love it!

Nancy M Stevens

This is, perhaps, your finest effort. I love it.


This is going to be beautiful. Depending on your sashing fabric, perhaps a red and green ribbon border might work.

Helen storer

Beautiful blocks cant wait to see the completed quilt.


The colors you chose are wonderful together! And good for you making the quilt your 'own' by including the blocks you wanted. This will be a beautiful Christmas quilt!

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