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January 13, 2017



I just love seeing all that you accomplish! I am far too easily distracted, so when I get a good day like you've had lately, I often fritter it away and have nothing to show for myself. I am most productive when I go to some place to sew or when a friend comes here to sew with me. At home on my own, I need to put a movie on Netflix or listen to a book on tape - that will often keep me on task! Your stuff is gorgeous!!

Mary Kastner

WOw you got a lot accomplished in one day. I love your focus! The Reveille table toppers are adorable!
Have a nice weekend Nicole.



Wow you manage a lot in just one day! I'm sure you have your Peeny Pincher blocks all done in a blick of an eye. Have a wonderful (sewing) weekend!


'Wildly productive' is an understatement! The blue & white table toppers are very pretty. When I have multiples to make I try to sew them production line style. Speaking of sewing several at once, have you seen Snap Happy bags by Stitchin' Sisters? They're quick, easy & as addictive as the Zippy Strippy bags!!


It always feels good when you have a super productive fun sewing day!

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