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January 18, 2017


Mary Kastner

OH yeh, I share your time management fooling around on the iPad problem. You are so disciplined to come up with this new plan! I know I could be so much better and efficient. Thx for sharing your plan!



Getting ready to implement your time management method right now, starting today! I've found myself wasting time on my iPad also, since there is so much info and so many beautiful creations to pour over. Thanks for the plan, Nicole! Way to go! Oh yeah, my husband is laughing, thinking I won't be able to do this for long...a challenge to prove him wrong.


Wow, you are very organized with your time now! I never fit in sewing. I have to be in at 8, so rarely get up before 6:45 or 7. Once I get home at 4:30 I'm fried. On good days, I'll cook dinner and do a few things around the house to try and lighten my husband's load. On high pain days, like yesterday, I do whatever the pain allows me to do. Yesterday I was able to read a bit, then knit a bit once the meds kicked in. I really hate to sew or knit when the PHN is bad and I'm taking an extra dose of Percocet because I made too many mistakes...and I can be dangerous with a rotary cutter! :)


Wow I apploud you for your time management. Like you I start my day with coffee and computer but I also don't like to sew in the morning so that's okay for me. I'm an evening-sew-person even or especially after a glass of wine;-)

Lynda Hermann

I am retired but I found myself spending way too much time on the computer so I set up a schedule whereas I will make coffee, check out my mail, blogs, facebook, and any important "stuff" (bills anyone?) then I walk away for the remainder of the day. I will "check in" again just before bedtime. I find that this has been working for me and have been much more productive.

Marilyn Robinson

Looks like a lot of us have that ipad obsession in common! One question, Nicole, how do you fit in Pinterest? What a time suck, but I love it so much!

Tracey Holzer

Yep, my mornings are spent with a cup of coffee in my hand. I get my kids off to school, I read my a chapter in my bible then look at my quilting blogs. My kids are on the bus by 7:25, so I'm done my blogs usually by 8:00. I have felt guilty many, many times that I spend my time looking at others beautiful projects instead of working on my own, but I enjoy my mornings and connecting with a few of you. I only work two months of the year, so I have more flexibility with my time. I've also given up most of my time in front of the TV, Facebook and I've never done Instagram or Pinterest. I guess it all comes down to how precious our time is to us and where we want to spend it. I'm happy to say that I'm getting better at this as I get older!! I found yet another Jellystone mistake today, Nicole, so I spent my sewing time today picking out 14 dark fabric corners and replacing them with light corners. 86 left to go! I'm ready to mail it down to you to finish!!! LOL Have a great evening.


I have an hour commute and start at 7 am, two school children and a husband to get out the door in the morning so no time for computer. I usually work out for 45 minutes when I get up and before the rest are moving. I manage to sew on Saturday mornings only and I really plan my time accordingly. My husband is really great at making sure that time is mine! LOL


I admire your setting a time limit then sticking to it. I'm retired so, with no formal schedule, I've justified time on the internet by thinking 'I finally get to do what I want in the morning!' I've also found that sewing & Chardonnay don't mix! haha!

Helen storer

I do tge same with the computer, facebook, instagram, emails, blogs in the am. I then get ready for work, water gardern etc, i usually do my sewing in the evenings weekends and on my days off work after I have seen my mum in nursing home. Love these blocks am off to Road to California tomorrow so excited.


The struggle is real! Your blog post is very timely since I have been looking at my time management also. I will be using the timer method--beginning right Now! Thanks so much for sharing, I really needed this nudge.

Jennifer in Indy

For me, the issue is the opposite - too much mindless iPad time in the evenings. I am trying to look at it when I get home for a bit, then turn it off and do some handwork after dinner while I watch some tv with my kids. I've also been leaving my electronics downstairs when I head up for bed so that I read books instead of Facebook! It has been working well for me so far.


I have been lurking for years and love your blog. I live in rural area of Australia and have no patchwork groups nearby- so have found your blog really helpful.

Nothing to do with sewing, bu am curious what camera you use. Your photos are lovely and sharp! - thanks.


Good advice! I have been super busy handling things for my mother since her fall in Nov but I spend too much time on the computer in the morning! I could limit my time and spend more time in my Bible study and quilting room! Thanks for good suggestions.

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