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January 12, 2017



A very nice gift and thoughtful as well


I've been looking for a task light that I can take to wherever I am working. Does this one mount to your machine or does it have a base?

Mary Kastner

What a great gift! Very thoughtful. I just bought myself a new lamp from Stella co. It is supposed to arrive today. They had a great sale plus a coupon. I am looking forward to it. The older I get, the more light I need. Trouble!!!!


Nancy Watkins

I love my light and use it always when I stitch. I never thought to put it by my machine. I love it!


That's a great gift!


Love those Ott Lights! This one looks really useful with the added magnifying glass! Quilters of a certain age...


I have a Stella led light on my cutting table and love it! i need a light over my sewing machine....

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