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January 02, 2017


Barbara Anne




You made so many great projects in 2016!


Looks like you had fun in 2016...hoping more of that for you in 2017! Happy New Year!


I'll be looking forward to your new projects in 2017!! (I'm looking forward to my new 2017 projects, too. I've been making so many charity quilts, that I'm really excited to sew something just for me!)

Loris Mills



2016 was a magnificent year for you. Sara was also very fortunate to receive such nice quilty gifts.

Mary Kastner

Looks very productive to me. Lots of eye candy for us quilters. Very nice. I made a to do list yesterday. Need to get some of these projects finished! Happy New Year Nicole!



Happy New Year, Nicole! A trunk show of your 2016 projects is a great way to start 2017!! I'm kicking off the New Year by going to quilt retreat sponsored by our local shop this coming week-end!


You're always so very productive! Many happy sewing hours ahead!


gosh! so many beautiful quilts! raise the roof, viola, and sara's log cabin...oh, and bounce are my faves! are your fingers still sore from all the binding? mine have finally bounced back. ;p

time to get onto the next project in the queue. ;p


How many UFOs and quilt tops do you have left to finish? Were you able to really clear out the backlog or do you still have many left to complete?


I'm also looking forward to 2017 to be filled with color and creativity. Love your stars top on the railing.

Helen storer

Great recap on your projects. Look forward to 2017


Such inspiration to get some things finished up this year! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


So that was a slow year? I made a donation quilt for the Pulse nightclub shooting, a little Jo Morton top that isn't quilted, a knitted cowl and a crocheted wedding shawl and I thought my year was productive! (Of course, compared to 2015, it was!) I'm looking forward to seeing your projects for 2017, and I'm hoping to create a few of my own. Here's to creativity in the new year!


Your quilts are beautiful! Lovely work

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