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January 23, 2017



Oh how disappointing for you! And your husband! I hope you let the shop know about the negative experience so that they can improve on their service. Thank goodness for YouTube videos - we learn so much from them.


That is horrible. You MUST contact Bernina and tell them your experience. It is not how they operate and they need to know how they are being represented


Sorry to hear and bet you really disappointed...I agree, you need to contact the Bernina Co. and let them sure they would want to know. Hope it goes better Nicole.

Laura Dirks

I received a simple set up cd w my 710. It helped me get started. I'm going to get a personal class on it next week. Sure do love mine so far. Hope you can get some help. That kinda of service should b reported!

Linda Enneking

I agree with Donna and Margo, you must contact the shop and also Bernina. I would ask the shop if the machine can be returned since you have not used it and were not given the promised instruction. That should get some action. There are other good brands of sewing machines out there which offer good instructional classes. Maybe one is nearer to your home.


Last year when I bought my new Bernina, living 2 hours from the dealer, I found excellent videos on YouTube. That helped me a lot, though no newbie to Berninas, I found out a lot about my machine, and what it could do!


So sorry for your experience. I agree you should contact Bernina. If you paid for the class, the shop should refund your money. I received a Bernina 770 for xmas a year ago and love it. I didn't take a single class, but could have. I found the manual very helpful as compared to the manuals for my other Berninas. It is intimidating but it's only because of the size. I found mine to be easier to use than my 440 is. Search for Bernina groups on Facebook, too. Lots of quick help in those rooms. Bernina USA may be a place to start as well.

Kathy Czuprynski

Yes, let both Bernina and the shop know. Ask to speak to the owner of the shop. If you call in and tell whoever answers the phone, you can't be sure that the owner hears of the "service" that you received. But, oooh! I would love the even feed option with all of the feet!


If I didn't know we lived in different states, I would swear we were in the same class! I have bought two machines from this dealer. My first was a simple light weight machine to take to classes. I didn't need instruction
On this one and still love it. Then I bought a high end one and can
Barely turn it on. I had a simple question, how to lower the presser foot
All the way down, after being in hyper lift, I showed them the model I had
From their floor models hoping to avoid carrying the heavy machine
Up my
Basement stairs. Nope! Too simple. They told me to bring it in. So my
Son put the machine in my car yesterday. And then I ordered
A new machine from a different dealer who seems nice😌


Perhaps, when you feel up to making the drive again, you can set up a private lesson with a DIFFERENT instructor. The shop owes you lessons on how to use the machine, and they should follow through on that obligation. You have certainly tried to take advantage of the lessons they offered, but that was inadequate. They should be HAPPY to ensure that you know how to use a machine you purchased at their shop. You should be able to go to as many lessons and refreshers as you need until you are totally comfortable with the machine. Perhaps you need to speak with the shop owner.


Heartbreaking. I hope you will follow the suggestions above and that you will get satisfaction. I'm sure your husband works hard, and he deserves your satisfaction as well.

Barbara Anne

How awful! I agree with all who said to contact the shop owner and Bernina.

Big hugs!


I love my Bernina sewing machine(s), the local shop, not so much. Recently, (last October), the store was sold and I was hoping for better customer service/classes with the new owners, but it has gotten worse.
I feel your pain.


That's awful. But please don't lose enthusiasm for your new machine. It will turn out great in the end.
Sending hugs!

Jackie Stevens

By all means contact Bernina USA. I did over a repair issue on my 40 year old 830. They got right back to me, told me to take it back to shop and told shop how to repair the problem. We have been great friends ever since. Even bought a new 380, took the class and yes I drive about two hours one way. A new Bernina is a terrible thing to waste.

Carri Thompson

Please report the experience to Bernina corporate. This is not the experience they want for customers. It was not acceptable.

Tracey Holzer

Beyond unprofessional! I'd encourage you to call the store and give them your side of the class as I'd say that the owner needs to be aware of this. How disappointing for you all.


So sorry for you. I love your quilt on the wall. Is it the Lisa Bongean patterns that she posted just prior to Christmas?


wow, I had a very similar experience with my Bernina when it was new. The free classes from the shop seemed more like a infomercial than a class. I have a basic model and she focused on how to use features and feet that I do not have,nor ever expect to use. Fortunately I have been able to get information and instruction from the gals in my guild as most have Berninas.
So sorry for your experience.

Helen in Switzerland

I agree with everyone - contact Bernina - if you can I would also tweet about it / put it on Facebook / instagram , infact any new media you can think of. That is apparently the quickest way to get a reaction as Bernina monitor postings and don't want bad experiences going viral.


I would return it (I worked at a Bernina/Janome dealer once - and I know how expensive it must have been). Find a dealer closer that will give you better customer service. I prefer Janome (after owning both I think Janome is a better value and is a nice machine ) but I've found that dealer support is the most valuable thing no matter what brand.


Nicole, this breaks my heart for lots of reasons, you, your husband and Bernina which is by far a fabulous company which would be truly upset is they knew of your experience. Please look at this website for some great Mastery Classes which you can print out for future use. Hope this helps.


You need to contact Bernina directly. They would not be happy if this is how their dealerships were representing their product!


So sorry for your experience. I also have a Bernina 740 and love it, but it was a steep learning curve for me. I've taken 2 classes at my dealer...they were so-so...think I learned more from classmates than the instructor! I also learned a ton from a friend with the same machine. The cd and YouTube videos are helpful. Call the shop owner, tell them your experience, and get another help session. Bernina shop needs to make this right! Hang in there, you will love this machine!

Mary Kastner

I wish we were closer. That just sucks. Call Bernina and insist they find you some help. Don't give up. I got a 750 several years ago and it is a fabulous machine. I do all my piecing on my 440 and the straight quilting and machine quilt like crazy on the 750. It really is a work horse and you will grow to love it a lot. It is intimidating until you have a comfort level and understand the workings. What an awful experience to such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. He is a keeper!


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