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January 20, 2017


Barbara Anne

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nancy Watkins

LOVE your toppers! Love the colors. You did an awesome job on your quilting! What is that little light on top of your machine? Is it sitting on there with a magnet? I must look into this. Have a great weekend!


I love your quilting on your table toppers! And yes, Craftsy is great I've learned a lot form watching classes there.
Have a wonderful weekend:-)


The toppers are very pretty. I've also done straight line quilting using that method. I find it is a great alternative to just stitching in the ditch.


Fantastic, Nicole! I haven't bought a Craftsy class but did buy Jacquie Gering's new book , Walk, in which she has done all the advance study and figuring for walking foot designs. You should get it!

Debbie R.

Beautiful! Congratulations, and may there be many more satisfying results in your future.

I have taken a class with Jackie -- she is an excellent teacher.

Mary Kastner

WooHoo! You did it! And they look great! A great first success that you can build on. Congratulations!


Thanks for the 'after' picture of the toppers! You did a great job! After your success I'm going to look at the offerings on Craftsy.

Sue Babich

Great Job !! Love Them !!!

Kathy Czuprynski

They look fabulous!


I knew you could do it!

pam hansen

Great finish. These are lovely.


The toppers look great and you accomplished it! I saw a friends newly finished table topper last week, two split four patches on point with set in triangles, where she just used her walking foot and it looked fabulous. Must finish that class as I did enjoy it but life got in the way and then forgot about it. Need to get over my feather addiction as I do love the simple elegance of straight line quilting. Enjoy your weekend.

Colleen Gander

I am next on the list at my guild to borrow Jackie's book and I'm hoping it will inspire a number of finishes. I like your choice on these, especially the diagonal lines. I can't keep avoiding my topper pile and done is so much better than having a pile in a plastic box.


i've been happy with the classes i've purchased from craftsy. your toppers are that shade of blues together. enjoy your dry saturday!

Miss Jean

I was lucky enough to take a machine quilting class from Kathy Sanbach, who has, sadly,since passed away. Her book Teach Me How to Machine Quilt is fabulous! See if you can find a copy. I am going to purchase that Craftsy class for sure!


I am constantly amazed how much information and inspiration I get from your blog. First, there are no ads that keep popping up that stall my computer! Second, giving us a handful of tips about your Craftsy class makes me want to take one. I can't say enough about how much I look forward to each post.


Your quilting looks great! I'll have to look for that class, they have so many to choose from its hard to pick. Now that I know this is a good one I can try it, thx!

Amy L

Way to go, Nicole! They look marvelous! Now that you're on the Craftsy email list, watch for their specials on classes. They had one last week, any class for $14.99. You can conquer Free Motion next!


I love the quilting. What weight of thread did you use?

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